What makes mankind great

Why do great people need praise and approval?

For once, this article is not based on a book, but on personal experience. It's about a topic that is incredibly close to my heart, as it has accompanied me since childhood and has not lost its relevance since then. Therefore, I start at this point with very personal words to my mother, who is an incredibly successful woman and from whom, to my great joy, I inherited more than just the rampant who dreams of being on a TED stage.

Mom you are beautiful

and I know what these words mean to you. I also know that you rarely hear these words from me. I am your daughter. I know you as this great journalist who, in the 36 years that I have known you, has not even gone wrong stylistically. In the eighties you had the coolest shoulder pads and in the nineties the craziest Gucci bags and you've always gone with fashion because - unlike me - you feel it.

Your style, your beauty are part of your identity, and I admire how you become more and more beautiful over the years. When you were 30 you needed pumps with eight centimeter stiletto heels to stand out from the crowd and to find yourself. Over the last few decades, these pumps have given you legs that every 20-year-old still envies you today. There are decades of pump training in these legs.

Today you don't need pumps to stand out. You have an aura that lights up a room when you enter it. You haven't needed pumps to show your size for a long time. Today you are a woman

  • she knows what she wants
  • who worked all her life on goals that seemed too big to others.
  • who achieved these goals because you never gave up
  • that inspires
  • who is a role model for many,
  • which is great.

And I am indescribably glad that I am lucky enough to have you as a mother. You are also a gigantic role model for me, even if I prefer to wear a hoodie and sneakers than with pumps and Gucci bags in everyday life.

Great people hardly get praise

Why did I write this? Well, for one thing, I've always wanted to say that, and for another, my mother can now read this text whenever she needs it. After all, what I am describing is something that we all experience in everyday life. We experience a person who rocks incredibly and thinks who knows very well that he has rocked, I really don't need to tell him that.

But the thing is: almost everyone thinks that way. As a result, people who have done something great rarely get praise. The stupid thing is that these people also have voices in their heads, even if most of them would never admit it. These voices ask after every appearance

  • I was good?
  • When I think of the three who looked spellbound at their smartphones, I get the impression that it wasn't good.
  • What could I have done better?
  • Did I meet the audience's expectations?

And yes, a Twitter post is a great post-event sign, but it can also be "just" a self-promotion tool. An additional personal message, reference, feedback or recommendation have even more power. When I got my first fan mail I was on cloud nine for weeks. The first book that an author sent me with a dedication without my asking for it was just as powerful. Many of these mini characters made this blog still around.

For this reason, I ask you at this point to pause for a moment. Can you think of someone from your personal environment who has impressed you with something in the last few days? If so, how could you please him? You don't have to write a blog post right now - as I am doing right now. As you have seen, there are many other options.

What happens when you praise

A few minutes ago I spoke for the first time with a person who has kept appearing in my filter bubble over the past few months and whom I hardly knew anything about this morning. So I asked him holes in the stomach during the conversation. When he was telling his story, I suddenly saw him in front of me and had the feeling that he is great and really only sees a fraction of his greatness himself.

So I told him how it affects me and that I believe that he affects me as if he can create a lot more than he has already created. Please do not get me wrong at this point. The person is really awesome and I have no clue how they managed to achieve what they achieved. But I know that she can overshadow what she has achieved up to now when she sees in herself the person I saw in our conversation.


I don't know whether the seeds I planted today will sprout. I am not a good gardener. I leave my seeds to nature. If it is watered and cared for by the recipient, it will grow and I will be there when the person needs me. If the seed is left behind, the seed will not work, but I'll use the energy this conversation has given me to create a blog post and use it to inspire people like you to praise those around you and with it to ensure growth. I am also a lazy gardener and do not feel the need to plant every seed myself. The world needs over 8 billion seeds, and to sow them I need people like you, so that together we can bloom great people and create exactly the great world in which we want to live.