KFC India uses halal meat

Kentucky Fried Chicken Wants to Grow - Where Do Chickens Come From?

Where do all the chickens come from and how were they kept?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is currently pursuing major expansion plans. Business in Germany is going so well that 337 are to be added to the 163 existing branches in the next five to seven years. The fast-food chain is hoping for income of one billion euros. The demand for grilled chicken has risen sharply.

Lack of transparency in the origin

The KFC website states that only naturally grown chicken and the finest chicken breast fillet are used. Only the proportion of it that comes from German companies or is possibly imported from India and Brazil is not revealed to the interested customer.

Increasing demand means (even) more animals and (even) more stalls

The increasing demand for chicken will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of animals and new poultry houses to be built. The fact that the "naturally" grown animals have to reach their slaughter weight in 35 days and thus have to struggle with considerable health problems does not seem to concern either KFC or the KFC consumer. As always, the winners are the poultry companies, the losers are the animals.

PROVIEH e.V. has written to KFC and asked for the sustainability report and the breakdown of the countries of origin to be sent.


Stefanie Pƶpken


Spiegelonline from 02.03.18