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Some dream of nature and want to go to the country. The others live in the country and watch the farms die. They move to the city to make money. But half of Germans still live in the countryside, and farming is an essential part of German culture and society. Bumillo therefore sets out with the question: Is village life as idyllic as we imagine it to be?

Status: November 21, 2016

Country life has a beneficial effect on Daniela Emminger. After a disappointment in love, the main character of her novella "Mixed sentence" returns to her parents' house in the village and finds the longed-for improvement.

Reinhard Kaiser-Mühlecker

Bumillo meets Reinhard Kaiser-Mühlecker, who in his novel "Stranger Soul, Dark Forest" tells of a farmer who tries to compensate for his economic failure through sales and to overcome it with illusions. His son, who is to take over, does not recognize the tragedy that is looming.

Matthias Ettinger in conversation with Bumillo

The ruin in the country, broken families, failed people. For the photographer Matthias Ettinger, abandoned courtyards are not fiction, but sad reality. He leads Bumillo to a property in which the entire furnishings have been preserved and reveals to him the human fate that lies behind it.

Bumillo in conversation with Marlen Schachinger

Bumillo speaks to the writer Marlen Schachinger about her novel "Martiniloben". Her heroine flees to the country in order to finally find peace, but comes across a world that does not correspond to her idealized expectations at all.

Gerhard Henkel in conversation with Bumillo

Gerhard Henkel shows that things don't always have to go downhill in the country. Bumillo walks with him through the Upper Bavarian town of Weyarn with its very lively community. For Gerhard Henkel, this is a good example of how it can work. In his book "Save the Village!" He passionately appeals to those responsible to finally do the right thing to counteract the death of the village.


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