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The worst series ever

The question about the most popular and best series has probably all of us asked ourselves. The US authors' union recently compiled a comprehensive list of this, which can be read on our blog with videos. But when you're researching the worst series of all time, it's hard to find an independent and credible source - especially since most really bad series get canceled after a short while. In my opinion, a section of the IMDB is perfect for this, as only series with more than 5,000 votes are received here, i.e. have exceeded a certain threshold of attention.

However, since this list again contains many series unknown to us in Germany, I took the liberty of only recording series that were also shown on semi-prominent channels in Germany and cannot be assigned to the reality genre.

The result was a list that contains many surprises. It "caught" some successful and long-running series, so be curious. But enough of the preface, here are the 20 worst US TV series of all time in reverse order:


20. Andromeda

An absolutely worthy introduction to the worst series of all time. "Hercules in space" is how Andromeda can best be summed up, because Captain Dylan Hunt aka Kevin Sorbo previously fought against deities and other strange mystical beings in the 90s. As a sci-fi fan, I could hardly wait for the start date, as the series was still conceived by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and accordingly marketed on a large scale. After just 30 minutes it was clear to me that I would not be happy here. Extremely bad CGI, lousy makeup artists, lousy actors, oh yes, and of course a stupid story.

19. Full house

The first surprise: Full House started in 1987 and ran until 1995, a total of 8 seasons with 192 episodes at least testify to a great commercial success. The series is also the start of the Olson twins in show business, who took on the role of Michelle just 6 months after their birth. As a kid, I actually liked the series, or rather, I didn't really question it. The users give the series a 6.1, a very respectable result for films, but for TV series this only means a place among the 19th worst series.

18. Up All Night

The comedy series with Christina Applegate. Up All Night should make her step out of the shadows of A Terribly Kind Family. Unfortunately, it didn't work out, the series only made it into 2 seasons despite the top cast. Will Arnet from Arrested Development or Maya Rudolph, most recently seen in many Hollywood comedy films like Grown Ups or Bridal Alarm, couldn't help the series. In Germany, Up All Night was shown on Comedycentral, the users also give the series a 6.1, apparently rounded up, because the series only made it to 18th place.

17. J.A.G

The next hit, J.A.G, also "makes" it into the Worst Top 20. The track record of this series is breathtaking, started in the wild 90s, the series made it to 227 episodes in 10 years. It wasn't until 2005 that the Judge Advocate General’s Corps of the US Navy was over. In spite of the extreme patriotic aftertaste, actually not such a bad series, but apparently very polarizing and not a quality series for most of the users. Unsurprisingly, the series was heavily sponsored by the US military, otherwise it would not have been possible to stay every second episode on an aircraft carrier.

16. Again and again Jim

Finally a series that hopefully won't surprise anyone. Even though James Belushi was in it, I thought the show was unbearable. How such flat sitcom humor made it into 182 episodes is incomprehensible to me. Thanks to God, the series has been history since 2009 and eight seasons.
Instead of a trailer or intro, an exemplary scene of the crazy humor of the series:

15. Medium

With a smooth 6.0, Medium made it to 16th place. I was never interested in the series, but apparently others did.

14. A strong family

The text for seat 17 could also have been here. A strong family is good, if at all, as a background noise for the household without a radio, but not for more. Patrick Duffy, cheers for his 70s series "The Man from Atlantis", makes it to 160 episodes, but we should remember him better as a Dallas actor.

13. Private Practice

Private Practice was only canceled this year, after 111 episodes and 6 seasons. The Greys Anatomie spin-off only managed to achieve an average rating of 5.8, which inevitably means 13th place.

12. Joey

Christina Applegate failed and friends star Matt LeBlanc couldn't build on earlier successes with “Joey”. Without his Friends colleagues, Joey only made it to 2 seasons before the series was canceled. There is no more to be said.

11. Beverly Hills, 90210

One of the most famous series from the 90s. Incredible 293 episodes in 10 years, 1990 to 2000, were loved, broken up, cheated on and everything else to do with relationships. Interestingly, "Brandon" (Jason Priestley) wasn't there the longest, but "Kelly" (Jennie Garth), "Steve" (Ian Ziering), "Donna" (Tori Spelling) and "David" (Brian Austin Green). These four appeared in 292 of 293 of all episodes. I think the end of this series is also the reason for the decline of the youth print magazine Bravo ... just my 2 cents.

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