Is it wrong to leave your parents?

What Parents Can Do Wrong: Twelve Mistakes Your Child Will Not Forgive You

Not paying attention to a child, forcing them to will, or giving them too much freedom - there are so many things parents can do wrong. FOCUS Online names twelve emotional injuries that fathers and mothers commit.

In addition to love, parents and children share a deep feeling of trust at best. It gives a child the security that they can always rely on the protection and understanding of their mother and father. But there is one thing parents are not - perfect.

Out of ignorance or excessive demands, they make mistakes in their upbringing. In the worst case, they shake the trust that their child has in them. We asked our readers what mistakes they just can't forgive their parents about.

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Silence and neglect as punishment

The worst punishment Saskia Reger has ever faced was being hushed up by her mother:

“I was twelve years old and had a bitchy phase at that time. While on vacation in Italy, my mother broke her collar after one of my pranks. But instead of yelling at me or threatening me with punishment, she did nothing. She was so angry with me that she said nothing to me for two days. She neither responded to offers of reconciliation nor to banal questions. During this time she did not exchange a single syllable with me. I felt like air. In retrospect it was more than cruel. "

Offended silence

Edmund Michael Hoffmayer can also sing a song about the “silence experience”: “In certain situations, my mother had the habit of not ordering room arrest or pocket money reductions, and certainly not of screaming, but of simply remaining silent, insulted. I've always found that to be a much more unpleasant punishment. However, I wouldn't go as far as to say that this behavior is unforgivable. Good people also make mistakes. "

On the following pages you can read which mistakes parents can make.

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