Why does Nancy Pelosi hate Trump

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic spokeswoman for the US House of Representatives, is actually known as a sober and tidy person. She also appeared on Thursday morning when she officially announced that the Democrats will now also formally initiate impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Pelosi's decisive statement lasted only 48 seconds: "The President leaves us no other choice because he is once again trying to influence the election to his own advantage. The President has abused his power, and in doing so, not only our national security, but ours too Legality of our elections at risk. His actions run counter to the vision that the Founding Fathers had for our country and to the oath of office in which the President swore to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution. initiate impeachment proceedings. " Pelosi reads the text from a teleprompter, she stands in front of several American flags lined up in the background. She looks tidy and professional.

In the afternoon, Pelosi held her weekly press conference. After the press conference, Pelosi was about to leave the podium when a reporter from a conservative television station asked her a question: "Do you hate the President, Madame Speaker?" Pelosi turns abruptly on his heel and answers the journalist emphatically. "I don't hate anyone!" She repeats her testimony several times and forbids any such accusation.

Obviously, Pelosi needs further clarification. She goes back to the desk to use the microphones to make herself heard again and makes it clear that she is not interested in personal dislikes. You may not agree with the President in terms of content, for example in questions of gun laws, climate change or how to deal with the so-called Dreamers, Children of illegal, mostly Mexican immigrants, about whose right to stay in the country Democrats and Republicans have fundamentally different opinions - but these are all topics for the election campaign. The impeachment process is much more fundamental: "This is about the United States Constitution and the facts that show that the President violated his oath of office. As a Catholic, I am annoyed that you use the word 'hate' in relation to it to use me in one sentence. I don't hate anyone! Don't mess with me when it comes to words like that. "

Pelosi is obviously emotionally aroused, her voice trembling. The 79-year-old has been in the political business for decades and is considered one of the most experienced politicians in Washington. She is number three in the state after Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Hot outbursts at public appearances are usually not her style.