Is there a species superior to humans?

Our cruel rule over animals - a foreword

Humans like to think of themselves as a superior species. We believe we rule the earth. We live as if she were ours alone. People destroy the environment and change the climate. And we seem to think that the other inhabitants of this planet are only there to be used for our purposes. I think many of you are not even aware of how cruel and selfish we treat our so-called "farm animals". Therefore I want to show you this in the coming weeks. A foreword to my new series "Our cruel rule over animals"

One question: what would you do if your best friend invited you to an opulent dinner? Hardly anyone would turn down such an offer. The main course is of course meat. A juicy fillet steak, medium fried. Is your mouth watering already?

Then think about the following: Your friend doesn't get the meat for this delicious fillet steak from a pig or a cow, but from a dog. From a puppy, because its meat is particularly tender. Have you lost your appetite now? Do you even feel disgusted? And do you think: what nonsense is this idiot writing? Why should I eat a dog?

Where's the difference?

Then ask yourself the following question: Why do we love dogs, cats and other so-called pets, and would we never harm such animals, let alone eat them? But we eat meat from cows, pigs and other animal species without thinking about it. Why is that? Where's the difference? Remember, dogs are eaten elsewhere and cows are sacred in India. Hardly anyone would think of eating a beef steak there.

Do you think a lion would distinguish that way too? The answer is of course: No, he would consider anything as food, whether it be dog, cat, pig or cow. Lions and other carnivores act instinctively. They see the animal as prey. They hunt, kill and eat the animal without feeling sorry for them.

Humans are not carnivores

We humans, on the other hand, instinctively develop a feeling of affection for animals, especially young animals. Only mentally ill people like to see animals being tortured and suffering. We call such people psychopaths. This compassion is a clear indication that we are not real meat eaters. By the way, there are a few other characteristics that make us much more likely to be plant eaters. But I'll go into that another time.

I want to appeal to your feelings of affection and compassion for animals. I want to show you how cruelly we treat certain animal species. The animal species that we decided at some point to be “farm animals”. Only there to be used by us. That's why I decided to show you some examples of what the life of farm animals looks like in factory farming.

Factory farming: always torture for the animals

I used information and images from various documentation for this purpose. The recordings in it were mostly made by hidden cameras and threats. Sometimes I had to watch scenes several times to get the data I needed. That was especially difficult for me.

Some people will be sure to say the scenes I am referring to were filmed in other countries. That wouldn't be the case with us. I can assure these people: The life of animals from factory farming is always excruciating. No matter where.

There may be differences in some approaches. Perhaps certain practices are handled a little differently in our country. Perhaps the suffering is a little less here and there. But in the end the animals always suffer. In addition: Can one really measure the suffering of other people on earth? And can differences serve as justifications? Can you say that it's not that bad for us? So is that okay? Everyone has to decide for themselves. I can't do it anyway.

Our cruel rule in numbers

Finally, a few figures: we humans kill 150 billion animals every year. That's 4756 animals every second of your life. In the time it took you to read this paragraph alone, we killed about 30,000 animals. How can we justify such an incredible mass murder? Can something like that be justified at all? Remember, we live in the 21st century. An age in which most of us have actually not been dependent on animal products for a long time.

To be clear: I am not talking about people who, due to their living conditions, are dependent on animal products for supply. I am speaking of a large part of us, including us Germans. I am speaking of the people from the rich first world countries. From the countries in which factory farming is mainly used.

Part 1: The domestic pig

Can we watch all of this with a clear conscience? Even though we know how many animals have to die unnecessarily? And despite our knowledge, how much most farm animals suffer throughout their lives? My series "Our cruel rule over animals" is addressed to those who do not know this yet.

The first part will be about the domestic pig. Used by us as food, in medicine, cosmetics and as clothing. We kill around 1.4 billion pigs every year. That's about 44 per second. You will read next week how the life of a domestic pig in factory farming is like.