What games do teenagers like to play

The most popular board games for teenagers

Games for two or more teenagers

Before buying a new game for your teen, first consider how many people you want the game to be for. Do your offspring prefer to play with their best buddy or should they rather play the game? suitable for the entire clique be?

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There are:

  • Games for 2 players
  • Games for 2-4; 2-5 or 2-6 players
  • Play from 3 or 4 players
  • Games for large groups (e.g. 8 players)

Tip: A selection of different games for small or large groups is practical. So your youngsters can be spontaneous and either invite more friends or just play with one person if other friends have to cancel.

What should a parlor game for teenagers bring with them?

Have you grown out of childhood, but your teenagers aren't in the mood for lengthy adult games either? Games for teenagers should be quite something meet requirementsso that they last for a long time.

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The games should:

  • strengthen team spirit
  • can make you laugh
  • be challenging
  • don't take too long
  • Build tension
  • be diverse
  • promote strategic thinking

and of course just be fun!

What types of board games are popular with teenagers?

Whether during the school break, in summer camp or on ordinary afternoons with friends, board games bring us fun, excitement and relaxation at all ages. Games are allowed for the age group 13-19 more demanding be and tricky tasks are no longer an obstacle. But action, interaction with the group or random games are also welcome. In addition, there are digital board games that can be played with digital devices and bridge some of the necessary social distance time. So there is something for every type of game.

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The following types of board games are available for teenagers:

The most popular analog games for teenagers:

We have selected the most popular ones from the huge pool of board games. Some have been around for several generations, others are newcomers, but are already inspiring many teens!

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Twister is one of the most iconic Movement games and not only captivates kids, but also adolescents, especially for teens between 13-16. Up to 4 players must simultaneously perform actions on a play mat with rows of circles in the colors green, red, blue and yellow, which are displayed on a wheel of fortune. Whoever falls over loses. The game brings movement into everyday life, attracts a few laughs and is at the same time a great party game. Also 5 minutes, a board game with action cards and a timer stimulates the adrenaline rush and arouses enthusiasm among young people.

Who prefers a fun and extraordinary Card game is with Exploding kitten well served. The kickstarter game is on for 2-5 players. Each player can display or discard one or more cards such as goats or lightsabers and an exploding cat ends the game. The short laps of 15 minutes are particularly attractive. Also Ligretto or U.N recommend themselves for an afternoon of cliques. Both games can be played in large groups. Just buy multiple sets of cards.

Strategy games for experienced players are the salvation for a rainy afternoon. The game of the year 1995 is suitable for this - Catan, once a settler of Catan. The expert game, which challenges up to 4 young adolescents, tests their strategic skills and awakens the fighting spirit. Your teenagers have to build settlements with the exchange of raw materials and convert them into cities or build roads. Whoever conquers Catan and reaches the required number of points first wins. We recommend this game for teenagers between 15-19.

Tip: The game can also be played in teams.

Are you teenagers into classic games? Then you can with monopolyor don't get annoyed man do nothing wrong. Both games are sure to get your offspring to join you on a family game night, after all, they'll have the chance to beat them. Also with taboo You can't go wrong as a birthday present.

Every year a board game is named game of the year. The latest game of 2019 is called "Just one“And already made waves with young and old players. The cooperative party game can be played with up to 7 teenagers. An active player must guess a term with everyone else providing the clues for the word. The highlight: you have to write a note on a sign without prior consultation and then compare whether two or more terms are the same. If so, these are omitted as a hint and the active player has hardly any hints left for the search term. A fun game that creates tension and a few laughs.

Games for 2 people are in no way inferior to group games. Regardless of whether it's a classic like 4 in a row or backgammon or modern games like Targi or an EXIT game from Kosmos, your teen will never be bored with their best buddy or best friend.

Are you looking for further inspiration? Then a board games for teenagers test can help you or you can look at the websites of the most popular brands such as Hasbro, Kosmos, Pegasus Spiele or Schmidt Spiele.

Tip: You can also always take a look at the latest results of the “Game of the Year” award.

Digital board games:

In addition to the classic games, for which equipment and sitting together are required, there is now a large selection of digital board games for teenagers. You can:

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  • play together on a media device (don’t get angry, Monopoly)
  • Play games online at the same time (word quiz, city country river)
  • Play at the same time via chat, webcam or voice transmission (e.g. Settlers of Catan)

Both variants, both analog and digital board games, have their advantages and disadvantages:

Pros and cons: analog gamesPros and cons: digital games
  • offers haptic appeal
  • promotes social communication
  • Facial expressions and gestures clearly recognizable
  • getting together is a lot of fun
  • very large selection of games
  • more expensive to purchase
  • Cheating easier
  • Cheating is prevented
  • practical in case of illness or social restrictions
  • there are some free variants
  • can be played anywhere
  • Choice less
  • requires an internet connection

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The most popular board games for teenagers
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