Was the FIFA WORLD Cup 2018 corrupt

Two high-ranking officials of the world football association Fifa are confronted with serious allegations of bribery in the course of awarding the 2018 World Cup. A report in the British Sunday newspaper Sunday Times According to two executive committee members are said to have offered to vote against payment of a sum of money for the event in the respective country.

Fifa has already announced a comprehensive investigation into the incidents. At a meeting with reporters from the newspaper who posed as US officials, an official is said to have demanded the equivalent of around 570,000 euros for his vote. The other, who is said to be one of the seven vice presidents of Fifa, even 1.6 million euros. The latter is said to have reported to the alleged petitioners at the same time that representatives of two other applicant countries had already tried to "buy" his vote.

Both officials are said to have been filmed trying to bribe, Fifa is now viewing the material, according to a statement. "Only when the review of the material has been completed can Fifa decide on possible further steps," said the association. In the meantime, there will be no further comments from Switzerland.

According to the video, a Fifa representative in Cairo was asked whether the payment of 570,000 euros would affect his voting behavior. His answer can be heard on the video as follows: "Sure, that would have an effect. Because if you want to invest, you also want the voice."

Allegations of corruption in the direction of Fifa are not new. When the television rights for the 2002 and 2006 World Championships were awarded, there was supposedly a rumor. Fifa boss Blatter had to put up with allegations that not everything was right when he was elected in 1998 and 2002. In addition, the surprise was great when New Zealander Charles Dempsey, then President of the Oceanic Football Association, abstained from voting at the 2006 World Cup - he had previously promised to vote for South Africa. The beneficiary of Dempsey's decision was Germany.

USA withdraws candidacy

The USA only withdrew its application for the 2018 World Cup on Friday in order to fully concentrate on the candidacy for 2022 - especially since FIFA let it be known that it wants to host the tournament in Europe in eight years. In the race for the 2018 World Cup are still applications from England, Russia and the candidate duos Spain / Portugal and the Netherlands / Belgium.

In addition to the USA, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Qatar also have ambitions for 2022. The FIFA executive will make its decision on the awarding of both world championships on December 2nd in Zurich.

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