What is an animal care service

Sims 4: Dogs and Cats - Tips, Tricks & Guides

How do you get a pet? What are the options for creating dogs and cats, how do you train your furry companions and how does the vet career work? Our detailed guide to the Sims 4 expansion pack "Dogs and Cats" answers all the important questions.

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In this guide to Sims 4 Cats and Dogs you will learn:

  • how to get a new pet and what needs animals have
  • what animal characteristics there are and what effects they have
  • how to raise your animals and teach dogs tricks
  • how you treat animals as a vet and how you level up your vet skill
  • what animal diseases there are and what symptoms they have
  • how you successfully manage a veterinary clinic and its employees

All information about the Sims 4 expansions and DLCs can be found in our linked article.

How do I get a new pet?

To bring an animal into the life of your Sims, you have four different options. You use three of them while a game is running, the remaining ones require the creation of a new Sim household.

  • Add an animal when creating a household
    When creating your desired ledge in Create-a-Sim-Modus (CAS) you use the option "Add animal" and choose whether it should be a pedigree dog, a pedigree cat or a mixed breed animal from different breeds. You have full control over the characteristics and appearance of the desired animal, so that you can even “recreate” your own pets or create very adventurous color and pattern combinations.
  • Adopt a stray dog
    When your Sims are in the game world (Brindleton Bay is ideal for this), they can get to know stray animals and make friends with them. After the Sim has made friends with the animal (petting, giving treats, playing and performing other actions), ask the animal if it would like to move in with your Sim. This also works with animal spirits, which are particularly easy to find near the Brindleton Bay Pet Cemetery on Lighthouse Island.
  • Adopt an animal
    Pick up your Sims phone, use the option "Hire Service" and, as soon as the call is active, scroll to the bottom of the list. There you can either adopt a cat or a dog for 200 Simoleons each. You can also use this service to give up an existing adult animal for adoption or sell animal puppies - ideal for Sims who want to earn money as an animal breeder!
  • Having a baby with a pet
    Once you have become your pet's friend, use the “encourage pet to have offspring with…” interaction to get it to mate with another animal. That doesn't always work, but with a little luck you will soon see animal offspring.

Depending on the life span of your Sims you choose, their pets will also age slower or faster. If you want to rejuvenate or age a pet, your Sims can buy “Aging Bites” or “Rejuvenation Bites” at the local veterinary clinic. Alternatively, you can let your Sims learn the vet skill and create it yourself. With an “ambrosia bite” you can even bring a dead animal back to life! You can learn more about these useful treats in the Veterinarian Skill section.

Puppy ageAdulthoodSenior age
Short life span1.5 days12 daysindefinite
Normal life span3 days24 daysindefinite
Long life span12 days96 daysindefinite

Everyday Pet Needs

Like all Sims, pets have specific needs that you must meet in order for them to live happily ever after. Because you Pets not directly controls, but can only react with your Sims to their behavior, you should buy basic items to fill the animal needs when you move in.

objectEffect / benefit for the pet
Since dogs cannot clean themselves like cats, they need to be cleaned regularly by their owners. This requires a bathtub in which the animal can be scrubbed properly.
Food bowlEvery animal gets hungry at some point. Whether you pour fresh food into the bowl yourself or want a time-controlled feeding system that fills the bowl at regular intervals is up to you and your Sims' daily schedule. Every food bowl filling costs money. So when you are spending your Simoleons, remember that your animals also need something to eat!
scratch tree
Cats have to sharpen their claws somewhere to be satisfied. If you buy your fluffy fur noses a scratching post, your furniture will be spared from cat claws.
Litter box
Cats like to do their business in the litter box. If you want to save work, buy a self-cleaning litter box and empty the toilet tank once a day so that it is always clean.
Sleeping placeAnimals need a place where they can stretch out comfortably. Give them plenty of places to sleep without getting in the way of your Sims.
So that the dog does not do its 'business' in the living room, you have to take the dog to the door and go for a walk on a regular basis.
Animal toysAnimals want to be kept busy. Balls and similar toys not only keep the animals busy, but also improve the relationship with the owner if he spends a lot of play time with them. You can also buy animal toys from stalls in Brindleton Bay.
  • Professional tip for cat owners: Playing with the laser pointer replenishes the need for fun very quickly - ideal for schoolchildren who come home annoyed after a long day and still have a lot of homework to do. This also works extremely well for the working part of the population!

Animal characteristics

If you create your own dream pet in "Create a Pet" mode, you can change the game experience with the animal significantly by selecting three characteristics. However, some features such as “couch potato” and “active” are mutually exclusive for reasons of logic and cannot be combined.

The characteristics of your animals unlock some additional options for interaction in the game: Furry, fluffy animals, for example, have to be freed of loose fur regularly by "brushing" and they visibly enjoy this treatment. Intellectual discussions with intelligent, wise animals even increase your Sims' logic skills, while cozier animals appreciate lounging around on the couch with their owners.

Animal traitimpact
AdventurousThese dogs sometimes leave the house to go on adventures on their own, but they also like to have adventures with their owner.
AggressiveThese dogs are hostile when they greet others and can attack others if they are not well behaved.
activeThese dogs are particularly energetic. You like to run and love to walk.
Couch potatoThese dogs are quite energetic and prefer to relax with their mistress rather than running around.
friendlyThese animals tend to be friendly and happy to greet other Sims.
HunterThese dogs are good hunters. Send them out to hunt or dig something for you.
SmartThese smart dogs are easy to train and quick to learn tricks. Maybe they can even understand Simlish ...
According toThese dogs occasionally howl and sing on command.
FurryThese dogs lose a lot of hair. Brush them to keep your house clean.
snoopThese dogs are naturally more curious and like to examine various items around the house.
ScaryThese dogs are quick to frighten and like to hide. They prefer to hide in quarrels and similar situations.
StubbornThese dogs don't like being dictated to. Scolding usually doesn't correct their bad manners, but you can beg them to stop their bad behavior.
FaithfulThese dogs want to be around their owner and be petted at all times. They follow their owner everywhere.
IndependentlyThese dogs are not particularly affectionate and can even go for walks on their own.
TroublemakerThese dogs are always up to mischief - they often misbehave and can even be encouraged to do so.
PlayfulThese animals love toys and want to play all the time, even when they are not excited.
wolverineThese animals eat significantly more often and also make more mess!
Animal traitimpact
AffectionateThese cats love their owner and want to be around them all the time.
LazyThese cats love to take naps. They don't jump around a lot because that is far too strenuous for them.
FluffyThese cats are fluffier than others! But you also have to pick up hairballs more often.
Free spiritThese cats love to roam like wild animals! But don't worry, they always come home to eat.
friendlyThese animals tend to be friendly and happy to greet other Sims.
CrackedThese cats are quick learners and claim they can understand Simlish.
ProwlerThese cats love to sneak around the neighborhood. Send them out and they might come back with a special find.
BlithelyThese cats are more active than other cats. They love to jump and run.
CuriousThese cats curiously explore their surroundings. They like to look for objects around the house.
TalkativeThese cats love to yelp at Sims. When asked, they even try to sing.
ReservedThese cats don't really need a Sim. They only come back for free food.
MischievousThese cats are always up to mischief - they often misbehave and can even be encouraged to do so.
ShyThese cats are afraid of everything. They like to hide.
TerritorialThese cats protect their territory. You behave aggressively towards new acquaintances.
PlayfulThese animals love toys and will play all the time, even when they are not excited.
WarpedThese cats are depraved creatures. Even when they are scolded, they hardly change their behavior.
wolverineThese animals eat significantly more often and also make more mess!

Animal education made easy

So that the new cat does not disturb your Sims at night or the dog leaves his heap in the middle of the hallway, you should always keep an eye on your animals: If they show any behavior that you do not want to have, send your Sim to the animal to scold them . As long as the animals do not have traits such as “stubborn” (dogs) or “warped” (cats), the chances are good that they will be trained properly.

Alternatively, choose the indirect route and let the Sim praise the animalif it shows behavior that you like. For example when a cat uses its litter box or a dog greets a stranger in a friendly manner. By the way, behaviors corrected in this way are also conditions for advancement for the endeavor “animal lover”! If you have succeeded in giving the animal a certain behavior, you will be notified by the game.

Sim characteristics and ambition "animal lover"

Sims 4 Dogs and Cats adds another endeavor to the new "Animal" category: As an "animal lover", the Sim takes care of relationships with animals and dedicates himself particularly intensively to his own pets in order to build close friendships. The Animal Affection bonus trait for this quest lets your Sims begin relationships with animals of higher stature. Just Such a trait is worth its weight in gold for prospective vetsbecause they are constantly dealing with new animals. But it is also worthwhile for future animal breeders or if you would like to include strays in your Sims' household.

While you accomplish the Endeavor, your Sims will receive an extra "The friendliest way to introduce yourself" greeting option when they meet unfamiliar animals. This option gives your Sim some bonus relationship points right away! As a reward for completing the endeavor, the bonus feature "Animal Whisperer" beckons, with which your Sims can more easily train and discipline animals. In addition, they develop a relationship with animals much faster.

The endeavor "animal lover"

Level 1: acquaintanceof the animal

  • Have an animal in the household
  • Be friends with 1 animal
  • Be kind to animals 12 times

Level 2: friend of the animal

  • Be friends with 5 animals
  • Be the buddy of 1 animal
  • Successful 2 Correct misconduct

Level 3: the animal's best friend

  • Be the buddy of 2 animals
  • Feel love 5 times
  • Successful 4 Correct misconduct

Level 4: Best friend for life of the animal

  • Play with 2 different animal spirits
  • Feel the love of 8 different animals
  • Be friends with 12 animals at the same time

If you want to make your Sims animal-loving without fulfilling the "animal lover" endeavor, you can give them the following two new features:

  • Dog lover: These Sims enjoy being with dogs. They'll build relationships with dogs and socialize with dogs faster than other Sims.
  • Cat lover: These Sims enjoy being with cats. They'll build relationships with cats and socialize with cats faster than other Sims.

Property features for animal lovers

If you want to create an animal home for your Sims or want to spice up existing public properties with new features, it is advisable to take a look at the list for property features. This was supplemented by the Sims 4 expansion with six new features.

Property featureIn-game impact
Dog friendlyDog owners will visit this property with their animals
Dog meeting pointStray dogs like to stay on this property. Caution: expect more than less strays here!
Cat friendlyCat owners visit this property with their animals
Cat meeting pointStray cats like to hang out on this property. Caution: the number of visiting strays can be very high!
Breeding groundOn a property with this characteristic, the chances of giving birth to offspring increase
Practice areaThis is where Sims learn the "pet education" skill much more easily

If you'd rather play in different neighborhoods than Brindleton Bay, you can add these new features to existing public lots and homes to increase the chances of animal encounters. Simply select the desired property in the neighborhood overview and use the construction mode to exchange the features.

The Animal Training Skill - New Tricks for Dogs in Sims 4

If you want to teach your Sims' dogs a few new tricks, take them outside and then start training. It is easier if your Sim has the trait “dog lover”, the dog is “smart”, and the Sim and dog are on a property with the trait “practice area”. In addition, a Sim who has the attribute “loves nature” gets in a good mood, as he can be outdoors during training, but also when walking with the animal.

Ability to raise animals

stepOpportunities in animal education
1Fetch commands (only with ball in inventory), give sound, place, roll and sit can be practiced with the dog
2Orders at foot, give paw and play dead can be practiced with the dog
3The dog can now be sent on an exploration tour
4You can now perform animal tricks and order the dog to attack
5Dogs learn new tricks faster, tricks can be demonstrated to other Sims

To one to train specific command, click on the dog, select the interaction menu "Training ..." and then the desired command. New commands are only activated when the next higher level is reached. Once your dog has learned a command, the game will inform you about it. In the future, you can use the interaction menu "Learned commands ..." to execute this command.

In dog parks you complete dogs and cats together with your dog at Sims 4 tricky obstacle course. The fewer mistakes the dog makes, the better - in addition, fun and relationship values ​​increase. Active animals are also better utilized. Of course, you can also train your dogs to overcome the obstacles in your own garden or in the dog park: You can find the appropriate obstacles in the construction menu in the “Activities and skills” category under “Miscellaneous”.

Veterinarian skill

To be able to work independently as a vet, your Sims need the “vet” skill as a basis. For the vet skill, however, are no Learning books available, only learning by doing helps here. When your Sims are in the 'focused' mood, you increase the ability "vet" with the following actions:

  • Use the “Do laboratory work” action at a drug manufacturing station.
  • Crafts treats or remedies at a remedy manufacturing station.
  • Actively examine, diagnose, and treat animal patients in your clinic.

From the first level of veterinarian skill, you can diagnose most common animal diseases through tests and cure them with the right medication. If you can't cure an illness on the treatment table, try the surgical ward. Alternatively, you can prescribe the not very dressy ruff to your animal patients, if nothing else helps!

Useful features for practicing veterinarians

If your Sims are actively working as a vet, you can make their stressful everyday clinical routine much easier by choosing suitable features and purchasing additional features from the rewards store.

  • Happy: Sims with this trait are more likely to be in a good mood - great when interacting with others.
  • Self confident: Confident Sims get this mood much more often and benefit from the fact that they are more successful in social interactions.
  • Dog / cat friend: Either (or both) of these traits will make Sims more comfortable with the species.
  • Lightning cleaner (500 points, Rewards Store): With this, your Sims clean "puddles" much faster.
  • storm chaser (1,000 points, Rewards Store): If you play with the "Seasons" expansion pack, this feature is worthwhile in neighborhoods with changeable weather, as otherwise your Sim will immediately receive the "Tense" moodlet in the event of a thunderstorm. This has a clearly negative effect on dealing with patients!
  • Steel bladder (2,000 points, rewards store): Vets who don't have to go to the bathroom can spend a lot more time at the treatment table!
  • Independently (2,000 points, rewards store): The social needs of your Sims decrease much more slowly, long shifts away from family and friends are less important.
  • Incredibly friendly (2,000 points, rewards store): Your Sims will be liked immediately when they are introduced to them - very helpful for veterinarians who have to greet a large number of patients every day.
  • Antiseptic (3,000 points, rewards store): With this trait, your Sims' need for hygiene decreases much more slowly.
  • Hardly hungry (4,000 points, Rewards Store): Thanks to this feature, your Sims have very little hunger and can work much longer without having to take a meal break.
  • Seldom tired (4,000 points, Rewards Store): With this trait, Sims need much less sleep than others, so they can stay on in the clinic for much longer.

Of course, you could also use the rewards store to find the attributes “Doesn't need anyone” (5,000 points, no social need), “Forever fresh” (8,000 points, no hygiene need), “Always full” (10,000 points, no Hunger need) and “never exhausted” (10,000 points, no energy need) to transform your Sim into a veterinary perpetual motion machine. But make a game without Really need fun?

The "vet" skill

stepUnlocked game options
2Two post boxes with an animal design will be unlocked, and you will now make the two treats "Swamp Water Toffee" and "Cooler als Liquid Nitrogen" food bars at the remedy manufacturing station. There are also 200 vet advantage points free of charge.
3A new animal design wall sticker will be activated. Now you can make the “Hissing Cinnamon Crackers” treat. There are also 300 free veterinary advantage points.
4Another animal design wall sticker is available to buy, for which you make the "Stinikator" treat. 400 free veterinary advantage points.
5Your vet can now carry out the action "appease the animal" on the treatment table in order to reduce the stress level quickly. You will also learn how to make "wellness bites" and can buy a new animal design sticker. There are also 500 free veterinary advantage points.
6"Aging Bites" and "Rejuvenation Bites" are now available at the Remedy Manufacturing Station. There is also a new animal design wall sticker and 600 free veterinarian advantage points.
7In addition to a new animal design wall sticker and 700 free veterinarian points, you produce the "gastro preparation" delicacies.
8At this level there is a new animal design wall sticker and 800 free veterinarian advantage points.
9Now you can also perform the "tail-tail" operation to cure the rarest animal diseases. There are also 900 veterinary advantage points.
10The production of "Ambrosia-Bappen" is activated. There is also a new door in the animal design for the veterinary clinic and 1000 free veterinary points.

Which earned during the leveling, but also during the successful treatment of animal patients Veterinarian benefit points As soon as you have bought a veterinary clinic, you will spend on various improvements in the benefits menu.

Treats and Remedies

With the “Veterinarian” skill, your Sims in Sims 4 Dogs and Cats will gradually learn to make useful medicines and treats at the medicine-making station for their work in the veterinary clinic. It is worth making a small supply of every type of treat and remedy, as they will not spoil in your inventory.

  • The "drug manufacturing station of Dr. Price-Value ”($ 650) and Dr. Magi ”($ 1,200) can be found in construction mode under“ Objects by function ”under“ Activities and skills ”. The more expensive remedy manufacturing station saves you some time when mixing remedies. But you make the same things with it as with the cheap station.
Gastro preparation15 $Changes the color and type of animal excrement after consumption.
Food bar "cooler than liquid nitrogen"15 $Disease effect after consumption: cold
Stinkinator15 $Disease effect after consumption: stench
Marsh water toffee15 $Illness effect after consumption: fever
Wellness bite15 $Increases the well-being of your pet after consumption.
Sizzling cinnamon cracker15 $Disease effect after consumption: red paws and noses
Aging bites25 $Let your animal age.
Rejuvenation bites25 $Rejuvenate your animal.
Ambrosia bites300 $If you feed this to an animal spirit, you will bring the animal back to life.
  • You can only feed animal puppies with aging snacks. If an animal wears a ruff after being treated by a veterinarian, you cannot give it any treats.

Three other remedies that can be produced at the laboratory station for use at the treatment table or the surgery station, apart from the often obscure effects of the treats, make everyday life in the veterinary clinic much easier for you.

Industrial relaxation serum12 $Can be given to the animal at the examination table and relaxes it completely.
Calming elixir based on catnip13 $For cats only. After entering the data at the surgical ward, the result is that diagnoses are made more quickly and the cat is less stressed.
Belly rub gel13 $For dogs only. After entering the data at the surgical ward, the result is that diagnoses are made more quickly and the dog is less stressed.

Animal diseases and their treatment

If an owner brings their animal to your clinic, there are two options: Either the animal is sick and needs treatment, or the animal owner just wants to have his animal done a routine check. Since all animal diseases manifest themselves through visible effects, you can usually see at first glance what is in store for you with a new animal patient: Luminous paws or noses, brightly colored fur, jumping fleas and discharge from the mouth are common, easily recognizable symptoms.

The following examination options are available to your vet at every level of vet skill:

  • Listen to breathing
  • Examine eyes
  • View diagram
  • Examine skin / fur
  • Listen to the heart
  • Examine your mouth
  • Test ears
  • measure temperature

Align your chosen examination method according to the visible symptoms: