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China visa

Chinese currency and money exchange

The renminbi is the domestic currency in China. The units of currency are Yuan, Jiao, and Fen. One yuan, abbreviated with the symbol “¥” (“CN ¥”), corresponds to 10 Jiǎo or 100 Fēn. If you want to exchange a few euros before the trip, for example in Berlin, you have to be patient. Because the exchange is only possible at the Chinese airport. Here it is advisable to use the services of state banks with your passport and China visa. Usually there is a fee for the service. The large Chinese hotels sometimes change euros into yuan as a service.

Visa China - What obligations do foreigners have to fulfill in China?

It is not enough to apply for a China visa in Germany at the embassy and enter the country with it. Even after entering the Chinese People's Republic itself, foreigners with a valid visa must meet certain requirements. For example, there is an obligation to report after entry. Once you have reached the age of 16, you are obliged to always have your documents, your passport and a valid China visa ready. After all, you can be checked by the Chinese police at any time and you have to be able to identify yourself with your visa and documents. You should make sure that the passports are still valid for at least six months when you apply for your visa. Anyone who stays in a place for more than 24 hours after entering the country with their visa must report this to the local Chinese police authority. In the case of a hotel stay, the Chinese hotel accepts this message, so the traveler with a valid China visa does not have to take action himself.

Special cases Hong Kong and Macau: German travelers who want to travel to Hong Kong or Macau for less than 90 days do not need a visa. All you need is a passport that is still valid for 6 months. For both regions, different visa regulations apply than for the Republic of China itself. Legally, however, a trip from China to Hong Kong or Macau means an exit from the People's Republic of China. To return to the People's Republic is a China multiple entry visa required to China. Travelers to China who are planning a short trip to the Chinese special administrative areas of Hong Kong or Macau should take this into account when applying for a China Visa. The same applies, of course, if travelers want to leave and re-enter via other national borders, for example to Russia, Mongolia or Vietnam.

Loss of China Visa - What to do if you lose your tourist visa and other documents?

Certainly nobody wants such an emergency, but it can happen that you lose your passport together with your China visa while on vacation. Then, however, good advice is an expensive service. Of course, the first thing many think about is to ask the German embassy or consulate in China for new passports and visas. However, the German embassy is based in Beijing, and the Chinese capital is sometimes very far away and difficult to reach, especially when traveling through the large country and without a visa China. Several consulates are spread across the country. If you lose your passport or visa, you should first go to the nearest police station, where you should identify yourself with a copy of your passport. For a passport replacement, however, you have to submit an application to the responsible German embassy. This service of the embassy relating to your application can take up to two working days for passports and visas. It is therefore best to make copies of the important documents before you travel and keep them in your luggage.