Why do Tamils ​​eat beef

Tamil cuisine: Vegetarian food in South India

Tamil cuisine is considered to be extremely spicy and offers a surprisingly wide selection of vegetarian dishes. This partial kitchen is originally from South India and is closely interwoven with Tamil culture.

The Tamil cuisine in South India

In South India, many dishes are traditionally vegetarian. As in other parts of India, the main reason for not eating meat is religious - however, fish or seafood are sometimes used in Tamil cuisine. This subcontinent kitchen is one of the oldest vegetarian cuisines in the world. This probably explains the wide variety of dishes without meat: Basically, the dishes are combined with rice - mostly curry -, lentils and many types of vegetables and served with a sauce.

Tamil cuisine: Vegetarian and tasty

Thanks to the many spices, Tamil cuisine juxtaposes many flavors that complement each other well. For example, cloves, nutmeg, garlic, pepper, cardamom, cumin, chilli, cinnamon, ginger and tamarind are used. A traditional dish from South India consists of rice with two to six different side dishes.

There is not only the world-famous curry, but also the vegetable or meat broth Rasam, the spiced yogurt sauce Thayir, chutneys and vegetables in fried form. The vegetarian pleasure is served on a banana leaf at important festivities - no knife and fork are used when eating, instead people eat by hand.