What happened to Etika and its channel

YouTube star Etika († 29) Sad certainty: he is dead

Almost a week after YouTube star Etika († 29), whose real name was Desmond Amofah, was reported missing, the New York police confirmed on Tuesday (June 25) what many had feared: the young man is dead .

After information about the emergency number was received, officials discovered and recovered the body of the social media star on Monday in New York's East River. The police confirmed this to "buzzfeednews.com".

In the video, a psychologist explains how to better overcome grief.

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Etika followed over 100,000 people on YouTube

The 29-year-old, whose video game channel had 130,000 fans subscribed to, was last heard on the phone on June 19, and was then reported missing. On the same day, some of his belongings, including his wallet and ID, were found on the Manhattan Bridge. An eight-minute video that he had previously uploaded to his channel, which has now been blocked, had given further cause for concern: In it, the young man spoke, among other things, of his mental health problems.

Update June 26th: As reported by the US website "etonline.com", the death of the social media star has now been classified as a suicide by drowning.

Our thoughts are with his relatives and we wish them a lot of strength in this difficult time.

In the video: This is how you support the mourners.

Mental illness and suicidal ideation can affect anyone. If you or someone close to you is having thoughts of suicide, don't be afraid to seek help!

You will receive free and anonymous help from experienced counselors for telephone counseling on the telephone numbers 0 800-111 0 111 or 0 800-111 0 222. The German Society for Suicide Prevention also offers further help.

You can also get advice from your trusted GP. He can help you find suitable psychiatrists and psychotherapy places.