Boys get wet

Get dry and clean

The slow goodbye to the diaper

It takes time for a child to reliably go to the toilet. Here are some useful tips:

  • Most of the time, “big business” reliably potties a little earlier; the bladder control usually only succeeds a little later.
  • It usually takes a little longer at night than during the day to be able to do without diapers entirely.
  • Nocturnal wetting has nothing to do with "too much" liquid - so not giving your child anything to drink in the evening does not help at all.
  • Even waking the child up at night and taking them to the toilet only prevents the bed from getting wet. It will generally not speed up the process of drying out at night.
  • It can be helpful to first put a potty next to the bed or leave the light on in the toilet.

Even if it usually works quite well in normal everyday life, it can still happen from time to time that the pants get wet - for example in a strange environment, when tired or in the middle of an exciting game.

  • Before leaving the diaper, wait until your child no longer wants a diaper on their own initiative.
  • In the transitional period, it is always advisable to always have spare clothes with you. For the night you can make do with a mattress protector so that the mattress does not get wet.

If your pants get wet at an inconvenient moment or repeatedly in a day, you may feel annoyed or disappointed. That is understandable and may be difficult to hide from the child. Still, try not to rant. Perhaps you can convey to your child that although they are "annoyed", something like this can easily happen and is not that bad.