Which country produces the most types of cheese?

15 Amazing Cheese Facts - Part 1

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Cheese has become an integral part of many people's lives today. Because the dairy product has established itself worldwide and is not only consumed for breakfast, but at all times of the day. There are now around 4,000 varieties worldwide. And no matter whether alone, with bread, as a side dish or garnish - cheese is delicious and has now gained a large following. But how much do you actually know about this popular food? Where does the cheese come from, why does the cheese have holes, who produces the most cheese? Question after question, to which you will find an answer here.

(1) Where was cheese invented?
Today it is not possible to say for sure where the cheese originally came from. The oldest archaeological evidence, however, comes from Poland and dates back to 5500 BC. BC back. During excavations, tools for making cheese and some cheese residues were found there.

(2) Which country is the front runner in cheese production?
Even if one might believe that most cheeses are made in France, the French are actually only in third place. The largest cheese producer in the world is the USA. Around 5 million tons are produced there annually. This is followed by Germany (2 million tons) and France (approx. 1.9 million tons).

(3) What are the most popular cheeses?
Mozzarella is number 1 of the most popular cheeses worldwide. In Germany, on the other hand, Gouda is in the lead with 3.7 kilograms of consumption per capita per year, while the Swiss prefer Gruyère most often.

(4) Where is most cheese eaten?
Most of the cheese per capita is - who would have thought - eaten in France. Every French person consumes almost a full 26 kilograms a year. This is followed by Iceland, Finland, Germany, Estonia and Switzerland.

(5) How healthy is cheese actually?
Of course, it's not that easy to say in general terms. However, the popular dairy product contains many important and above all healthy nutrients - including magnesium, zinc, potassium and vitamin A. In addition, as some studies show, cheese can prevent type 2 diabetes. Nevertheless, you should be careful because of the high fat content, otherwise the LDL cholesterol level may be too high.

(6) Why is the cheese yellow?
That's because of the beta-carotene. a dye that is dissolved in milk fat. So milk is actually slightly yellowish. However, since the amount of the coloring agent is much lower than in cheese, only the latter appears really yellow.

(7) Why does the cheese have holes?
The bacteria that convert milk sugar into lactic acid during cheese ripening are the cause of the holes in the cheese. This is because this conversion creates carbonic acid, which cannot escape from the cheese and thus creates cavities. How big the holes are at the end depends on the outside temperature. However, not all bacteria leave gases behind, so there are also types of cheese that are free of holes.

(8) Why does the cheese stink?
Bacteria and mold are also responsible for this. Because in addition to the carbonic acid, some sulfur-containing compounds are also formed during the conversion of lactose, which make the cheese smell as it smells. Incidentally, the well-known "cheese feet" have the same bacterium - so the name does not come from anywhere.

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