What makes life difficult is really meant

Why life is so difficult and how you can change it

Start asking the right questions!

Basically, life is good. It really is. It just doesn't always feel that way, unfortunately. For most people, life is stressful. For many, it is even torture. It is dominated by hard work, challenges, existential fears, and injustice. But how can that be? We live in an oh so perfect and civilized world.

If I were to venture out about what's wrong in our world, this blog article would become a book. And that, although I would probably overlook more than half of all reasons and causes. Anyone can point the finger at problems. Only a few offer solutions. Therefore, today I would like to try to find a solution that can be helpful for several problems at once.

When education doesn't educate

Quite frankly, I never liked school. I was considered highly intelligent and had top marks for many years, but from a certain point in time, around the age of 16 or 17, I questioned the whole concept. In addition to school, I did part-time jobs to earn my own money, and in the process I made a most interesting discovery: The world of work had very little to do with what we learned in school. In “real” life nobody was interested in poetry analysis and I found surprisingly few people whose job it was to calculate a tunnel volume.

Please don't get me wrong at this point. It's good to have some basic education and the school does a good job here in some places. However, it is almost blatant which essential basics are not taught in school. As time went on, that became more and more clear to me.

For example, we don't learn anything about money at school. Nothing at all. In our capitalist system, money is the most important tool of society. Money is not absolutely necessary to be happy, but let's be honest: a hungry person without shelter has a very difficult time feeling happiness and quality of life. So how can it be that school doesn't teach anything about money? There you don't learn what money is, where it comes from, how to use it or how to manage it. That is why so many people have financial problems and existential fears. They just can't handle money because they never learned to. Not even if they went to school for 13 long years.

Obviously we don't learn anything about personal development in school either. Now seriously: Isn't that terrible? So many people have emotional difficulties because they just don't understand their feelings. That's why there are guides and blogs like this one. And no, I shouldn't be happy because otherwise I would be unemployed. I get along so well, thank you 😉
But seriously again. Getting the teachings of personality development taught at an early stage, would enrich people's lives in general. There would be fewer problems and conflicts in the further course of life. Logically, that would make the world a better place too.

Likewise, in school we don't learn how to survive in everyday life. We will Not prepared for professional life and do not learn anything about the various offices and their functions. We don't learn how to run a household or how to eat healthily. You could say that it's all the parents' job, but two counter-arguments spontaneously occur to me:

  1. We have a kind of chicken and egg problem here: How are parents supposed to teach us how to do it if they haven't learned it anywhere either? Many people simply did not enjoy this education. Wouldn't it make sense to break this cycle by covering the basics of everyday life in school?
  2. Perhaps I would have been more interested in school again if I hadn't had to spend hours wondering what Goethe meant when he put a crap comma in an unusual place. Just on the edge: I am a well-known book author and IN spite of this, Goethe's poems did not take me a step further in life.

But this is not about me, but about all people. And I am convinced that all adults today would have benefited from receiving a more realistic school education. All current and future students would benefit in the same way.

3 essential areas of life

Well it is what it is. We are now where we are. So what now? We cannot complain forever that life is difficult. We cannot point the finger at the many causes and problems forever. I mean, of course we could. But it only makes us old and bitter. That is why I have an important approach herethat we should all take to heart!

In the examples above about the lack of school education, I have deliberately selected three areas in which we do not even begin to learn what we need for a good life today. These three areas are:

  1. Financial education (monetary system, dealing with money, investment)
  2. Personality development
  3. Practice-related general knowledge (functionality of the "system", self-sufficiency, healthy lifestyle, etc.)

If we humans were better educated in these three areas, life would be much easier!We would:

  1. Have no financial worries and therefore less existential fears. We would focus more on what makes us happy.
  2. Have fewer emotional problems. We could deal better with personal challenges and have a better functioning social life.
  3. Getting along better in everyday life. We could organize ourselves better, understand more contexts and have fewer problems with our health.

Have you ever noticed ...

... that the vast majority of successful and happy people are well developed in exactly these three areas? They have a lot of money, are emotionally balanced, use the "system" (instead of being used) and are very careful about their health. Coincidence? I do not think so.

Of course I am not blind. We all know very well why these very things are not taught in schools. If you don't know, think about it one more time. Do not express your thoughts too loudly, however. You could be resented 🙂
But why it is the way it is does not matter now. It is time for you to take action and drastically simplify your life.

As you read these lines, you may realize that this entire blog article is just a preparation for the inevitable advice I'm about to give you: Finally go to the right school! Educate yourself in the three areas of life mentioned and your life will improve significantly. There's a reason that there is an education gap on these issues, and there's a reason people become more successful and happier when they fill that gap. I cannot and will not say more about this.

Think about it for yourself. These topics are the basics of “real” life. The basics of the life we ​​lead every day.

Since you are reading this article, you are obviously already dealing with personal development. That’s very good. Keep it up. Now it's time to find other valuable sources of information that answer all of your open questions and spark new ones.

Since a shoemaker should stick to his last (for good reason), my specialization is personal development. You won't find much on the other topics mentioned on this blog. However, we are now living in 2019. It won't take you much time or effort to find good books and independent articles on the Internet. Make use of these opportunities.

Most people prefer to spend 5 hours a day in front of the TV, computer and smartphone instead of even 30 minutes learning something that really helps them. Those who cultivate this attitude and behavior should not be surprised if life is difficult. It is time to change something. Take charge of your education. You are already in the best school there is: in the middle of life! Now it is time to tackle the right lessons.

Simplify life

An amazing number of people believe that they don't have to study anything after school. This belief is a guarantee of an unfulfilled and problematic life. It's impossible to learn. There is so much to learn that one human life is not enough to absorb it all. Therefore, we should choose wisely what we learn. 2,000 years ago it was wise to learn how to hunt, make tools, and knit clothes. Today it makes sense to take a closer look at the topics I mentioned. You have to move with the times and understand what really matters.

Important: These issues concern us all. Talk about it to everyone you know. And if you don't have the time, just send them this blog post.

But enough of the long words. I would be happy to hear your opinion on the theses I have mentioned and wish you every success in your learning!

It is nice that you are there.



Cover picture: Unsplash.com, © Ravi Roshan