How do grandparents influence grandchildren

That is how important grandparents are to child development

Grandparents are reliable babysitters for many families. The reasons are obvious: we know that they love the children, they usually cost us nothing and, after all, have raised us too. But science has often shown that grandparents also have a really good and important influence on the development of their grandchildren. There are a few things that grandma and grandpa are simply best at - and that anyone who has been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with grandma and grandpa is guaranteed to confirm.

Children learn how other people live

Grandparents 'home can be the perfect place to show children that they are safe and loved in others' homes too. It is important for children to see how other relationships work, what rules exist in other households and that they can feel safe and comfortable there too. This helps them to reduce or prevent separation fears and also allows them to be more open to new things.

Grandparents work wonders for childlike self-confidence

Grandparents are always stuck with this nasty prejudice that they spoil their children. That is certainly true to a certain extent, but it is also good for their development when grandma and grandpa spoil them a little. Children quickly learn that their grandparents treat them special because they are very special to grandma and grandpa. But that doesn't mean they expect the rest of the world to always be treated like grandma and grandpa.

But that their grandparents think they are greatest can give children the confidence they need to believe in themselves. In addition, grandma's and grandfather's children are not only spoiled with material things, but mostly also with time and lots of love. Many of the rules that apply at home are overridden there. Mom and Dad may insist that the little ones sleep in their own beds, while Grandma and Grandpa enjoy having the grandchildren sleep and cuddle in bed with them.

Children learn from their grandparents

In our hectic, digital age, parents often lack opportunities to teach their children a few simple manual skills. Many parents simply don't know how to embroider or repair something themselves anymore. Grandparents, on the other hand, not only have the time to teach their grandchildren these things, they also have the necessary patience. Grandparents don't have to rush from one appointment to the next and can therefore calmly teach the children how to bake grandma’s peach cake, for example.

Grandparents convey family history

Children learn an important part of who they are from their grandparents. Grandparents use their stories to convey how the family has developed. Not only can they tell how they grew up and how the family lived back then, but they usually also know how their own grandparents lived. In this way, children learn something about the entire family history and can relate it to their own identity. So grandparents help answer the important question "Who am I?" to find an answer.

Both sides live happier

Meanwhile, numerous studies have found that the risk of developing depression is much lower for children who have a close bond with their grandparents. This applies to their childhood, but also to adulthood. A study by Boston College even found that the risk not only decreases for the children, but also for the grandparents.

Grandparents and grandchildren have a positive influence on each other. The close contact gives the grandparents the feeling of being needed, while the children in the grandparents have another safety network. No matter what happens in her life, be it moving, bullying, or even a parent's divorce, the grandparents remain a constant in the children's lives that she loves unconditionally. Which brings us to the next point ...

More love

Of course, parental love is still the most important thing for the child's development, but another person who gives unconditional love to the child is always a good thing. The grandparents' love for children is usually a bit simpler. Because grandparents have no expectations of their grandchildren (except maybe great-grandchildren) and they have lived and gained experience long enough to know that success does not wait at the end of a straight line. They know that we all have to put up with setbacks and stumbling blocks and that we may even need an extra helping of love during these times - which grandma and grandpa are only too happy to give.

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