Walmart is open 24 hours


If you go on a road trip through the USA and don't want to go to a restaurant every day, it's best to buy your groceries in the supermarket. The country has plenty of them, especially plenty of them. Sometimes you can spend hours in a Walmart Supercenter and discover new things over and over again. In order to keep the food cool and fresh during the trip, it is advisable to buy a cool box. These can be found in the Walmart in the camping department or in various hardware stores in all sizes. Since most hotels have free ice cubes at the machine and they stay frozen in the cool box for up to 2 days, this variant is the most practical.

opening hours

Most supermarkets are open from 09:00 to 23:00, with the exception of Walmart, which is open 24 hours a day for a shopping experience.

Loyalty cards

Many supermarkets also offer loyalty cards for tourists, which can save a lot of money.

Shopping venture

In contrast to Germany, you don't need a coin to deposit it in the shopping cart as a deposit. You can get the car directly in the entrance area and return it to the parking lot.

Wrapping up and bags

Customer service is very important in the USA, and the purchases are always packed in free bags by the cashier or a packer. In the state of California, the thin plastic bags were banned for environmental reasons, there you either take your own bag or a paper bag, which is also free. The packer will of course bring the bags directly into the car for a tip.

Deli counters & fresh produce counters

In the larger supermarkets there are so-called deli counters where warm food is offered. There you can strike very well as a tourist to secure provisions for the trip. At the fresh produce counters that offer sausage and cheese, it is customary to try a few products (samples) before ordering. You just have to ask for it, it's not a problem and it's normal. You order in pounds (LB, Pound: One pound, half pound, quarter pound)

The most famous supermarkets


Probably the most famous supermarket in Walmart and usually has the cheapest prices. A distinction must be made here between Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Walmarts. While the second, with its smaller selection, is used for quick grocery shopping, you can get everything in the supercenters. From chewing gum to the shotgun. The house brand is GreatValue for food and Equate for medicine. Walmart does not offer a loyalty card.


With Target, too, a distinction is made between “normal” Target and Target Supercenters. This department store also sells clothes, toys, furniture and much more besides groceries. Target is slightly higher in price than Walmart. Just like Walmart, Target also has its own brands that are cheaper than the branded items. In cosmetics and medicine, this is Up & Up.


This supermarket can be found mainly in the western United States. Here you can mainly get food. It is very worthwhile to have a customer card made at Safeway at the checkout. The resulting savings are very high and are already advertised on the price tags.


This chain is represented in the southeast, for example in Florida. It offers high-quality food and is in the middle price segment.


Ralphs can also be found more in the western United States. This supermarket mainly sells groceries. Here, too, it is advisable to apply for a Ralphs Card in order to save immediately when shopping.


A wide range of food and medicines.


This retail chain also offers a very large selection of food and other products. The customer card system is "Shop your way"