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Education inflation in Germany

HansKlok909  📅 12.04.2013 09:49:44
Re: Education inflation in Germany
What is so wrong with it that more and more people are studying?
Of course, you should be aware of what you want to do later and how best to get there. But everyone is free to do what they think is right!

- Furthermore, education is human capital and the higher the human capital, the higher the development and effectiveness of an economy

- It is said that the apprenticeship contracts have decreased by 2.2%. The argument is very one-sided, since the double year classes are initially distributed and the number of students has also decreased

- There are many more people studying in other countries!
Kensing T.  📅 12.04.2013 10:29:53
Re: Education inflation in Germany
The only thing that is dangerous are people who are afraid for "their beloved" studies and deny other people a degree. In reality, we would need even more places to study and more investment in education so that the train doesn't leave us with foreign countries near and far.

petervural wrote:
> I also notice how easy it is to take exams at the
> University has become a reproduction of what has been said
> that's the rule. close to the state universities
> most of them with 1.0-2.0,

How long have you been studying to notice that? What you don't notice is that most of the people who graduate are already among the best in their year. An average of 1.0-2.0 is nothing surprising anymore. In my math studies when I was a graduate student, the average was 2.3 - but this was followed by 90% dropouts and failure rate. It may be that it is different in some humanities, but in the MINT area the courses are not too easy. "Even" at the FH "you have 80-90% diarrhea and a drop-out rate.
No idea  📅 12.04.2013 10:55:51
Re: Education inflation in Germany
Kensing T. wrote:
> In reality
> we would need even more places and more
> Investment in education,

That is a bit one-sided. A pure academic society cannot function. It also takes people to do the real work.

Who drives the bus and who bakes the bread when our society consists only of engineers, doctors, economists, lawyers and physicists?
Re: Education inflation in Germany
Lawyers can also bake bread or lug bags of cement when the need arises.
I am of the opinion that the super-brains who studied 100 years ago still exist at universities today. There are also a lot of normal students. Overall, the level of education has certainly increased.
Re: Education inflation in Germany
No idea wrote:
> Who drives the bus and who bakes the bread, when
> our society consists only of engineers,
> Doctors, economists, lawyers and physicists
> exists?

Sooner or later, when these very people realize that they are not needed in the job market, they will learn these professions.
But I agree with you, our society doesn't only work with academics, but at school you always get the message that you are nothing if you don't study.

We once had a discussion in ethics class that almost made me feel sick.
Then it was said that we didn't need any cleaning ladies, we could clean ourselves.
Of course we can, but we can also just start all over again by exchanging 5 fish for a leg of pork in order to survive. And we don't need bankers either. We always get the money directly from the boss, put it in the money box and then slowly spend it. We don't need cooks either, we can cook ourselves.

Our society works because of the division of labor. But how are you supposed to do the "lower" jobs if you are not paid for them in such a way that you can live from it without worries?
Of course, nobody does the job anymore.

It's like betting with someone and both are betting on the same thing ... It doesn't work in the end, neither wins.

You just have to give young people the feeling that bakers etc. are jobs that are important for society. Unfortunately, it doesn't do much, because mass production means that traditional professions are increasingly being dispensed with and only a few can keep up. What a shame = /
Re: Education inflation in Germany
You just need one reasonable MINIMUM WAGE, so that you can make a living from cutting your hair, baking rolls and caring for the sick!

Then the people who want to work in an academic profession study and not those who think they cannot make ends meet without a university degree.

Now I am not asking what to choose in order to introduce a reasonable minimum wage.

I am happy to pay more before the discussion comes up again.

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Karlson from the roof  📅 12.04.2013 12:05:55
Re: Education inflation in Germany
A second student wrote:
> You just need a sensible one
> MINIMUM WAGE, so that from cutting hair,
> Bread rolls and nursing can live!

The minimum wage causes higher factor costs, these end up in the end product and the prices rise as a result of costs.
The contractor has more money in nominal terms, but can no longer afford it. Old hat, minimum wage is an illusion.
Hansel  📅 12.04.2013 12:30:03
Re: Education inflation in Germany
Karlsonvomdach wrote:
> A second student wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
>> You just need a sensible one
>> MINIMUM WAGE, so that from cutting hair,
>> Bread rolls and nursing can live!
> The minimum wage causes higher factor costs,
> These end up in the end product and the
> Prices rise cost-induced.
> The contractor has nominally more money, but can not
> do more of it. Old hat, minimum wage is
> an illusion.

Minimum wages are good for those who have jobs.
For everyone else, like the unemployed and employers, they are bad.
On balance, the overall situation of the economy is deteriorating as a result of minimum wages. Minimum wages are to be seen as an instrument to maintain social peace in the country. From a purely economic point of view, they are nonsense.
info23  📅 12.04.2013 13:20:04
Re: Education inflation in Germany
Now comes the tiresome subject of "educational inflation" again. DE has a high school graduation rate of just 49%. Other countries have over 80%.

DE only has a first-year quota of approx. 43%, Australia has 90%. Why? Because everything counts as a degree there. This is due to the comprehensive school system, followed by a tertiary education, while in DE the dual education is upper secondary education - this is only done at school elsewhere. Then comes higher education. A bus driver has a short study abroad of 2 years = diploma often. A dental technician usually has a bachelor's degree abroad.

The profession of cook is studied internationally, sometimes even in highly respected universities, e.g. in France, you either receive a diploma or a bachelor's degree, depending on the duration of the study.

The only difference is the school system and the classification of the international education statistics ISCED.

who bakes bread in other countries:


The minimum wage problem: it is indeed the case that many apprenticeships in DE should be made more attractive! I did an apprenticeship beforehand, so I had ZERO opportunities for advancement, ZERO. There was no master for it, you can only enter the Fachwirt if an employer approves it, only after 4! Years of professional experience and only if you have a permanent position. So you're cut off from continuing education - should that be an attractive alternative to studying? No way!

everyone has the right to study what he likes. I give it to everyone who holds out to the end. I think, however, that other professions should also be pushed more career-wise in DE and thus open up more opportunities. e.g. A Bachelor of Nursing is allowed to do a lot more medically abroad than here and there is often more content in the training. I think that makes sense. With these professions, too, you should have better opportunities for further development, to name just one example.
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