What's your favorite vegan recipe

Main courses, lunch and dinner

What does a recipe for a vegan main course consist of?

A main course is characterized by the fact that it is a full meal is. As part of a vegan diet, there are no foods of animal origin in the list of ingredients. Recipes for your vegan lunch or dinner should contain plant sources for the macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) as well as ingredients with fiber and many micronutrients as well as phytochemicals. Pretty easy to implement with a vegan diet.

ingredients of simple vegan main dishes are:

  • primary sources of carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, cereals or pseudo-cereals,
  • primary sources of fat such as nuts or seeds and
  • primary sources of protein like tofu, tempeh or seitan as well
  • Vegetables and / or fruits.

Depending on your needs, one or the other component takes up more space on the plate.

What does a quick vegan main course look like?

It is also important to many that it is fast vegan recipes so that lunch can soon be on the table or prepared in the evening. Ready-made vegans are ideal for this Replacement products such as burgers, sausages, cream etc. A look at the nutritional table reveals which nutrient is primarily present - you choose accordingly what to eat with it. A tofu-based burger can be quite rich in protein and fat, so you can add a low-fat sauce and a roll or potatoes, for example. This means that you only need a few minutes for a tasty and wholesome main meal.

What do sophisticated vegan main dishes look like?

But sometimes there is more time and that is often used in the kitchen to more elaborate Trying recipes for vegan main courses. Then you can make burgers, meatloaf, pizza or bean balls with noodles yourself from legumes and add a fresh salad to your vegan main course. But: These recipes are not as complex as many think, but rather made faster than you think.

Vegan recipes for lunch

It's best to put on a vegan lunch long chain Carbohydrates from starch products and fiber from whole grain products, legumes and vegetables as well as raw vegetables. This ensures that you are full and full of energy for longer. A little fat reinforces this. But it shouldn't be too much, otherwise your body will be busy digesting and you will get tired quickly. Protein should be part of every meal, as it is also filling and supplying your body with the valuable amino acids that it needs on a regular basis. It is found, for example, in legumes and products made from them.

Just like our vegetable patties, the spaghetti Bolognese meet these criteria for a simple vegan lunch and also impress children and non-vegans at lunch. You can prepare the vegan classic, our falafel, well in the evening and enjoy it with bread rolls and raw vegetable salad the next day during the lunch break. A vegan pizza is made faster than you think: you can use dough and sauce few ingredients prepare and freeze if necessary, or you can buy both ready-made. With our yeast melt you don't have to do without the cheesy taste. Vegan lasagna is more complex to prepare, but it still tastes good the next day - briefly warmed up or cold.

Speaking of which to prepare: Under the keyword "Meal-Prep" you will find many simple recipes that are particularly suitable and easy to take with you. There you will find your vegan "on-the-go" favorite dish!

Vegan recipes for dinner

In the evening, a hearty vegan main meal is welcome - after all, most of the work is (hopefully) done. A little more fat and quick carbohydrates can even go in and out Sleep through the night help. As a vegan, for example, you can eat bread dumplings, goulash or chilli sin carne in the evening - good alternatives to meat-based home cooking.

Our tip: do you eat just before bed, prefer to eat rather small and easily digestible meals. A soup or toast with a spread, for example, is ideal.

Speaking of vegan loaf: The typical German dinner is often the bread meal. But can you eat bread as a vegan? There is no general answer to that. In general, bread consists of water, flour, possibly oil and yeast - all vegan. Special types of bread are prepared with milk and some industrially produced bread contains the additive L-cysteine ​​(E920), which can be made from ingredients of animal origin - but does not have to be. So surely you go with home-baked bread. You can prepare this according to your wishes, e.g. B. also gluten-free, like our vegan omega-3 bread. Bread alone is not a full meal - vegan spreads made from lentils and beans or hummus and a small salad can be a perfect addition.

Recipes for a quick three-course vegan main meal

Consists of a main meal one Dish, one recipe has to be wholesome and provide all the important nutrients. But then the questions: sweet or savory? Cold or warm? Deciding on a recipe is not an easy one. So why not all in one meal? The starter can be a cold or warm soup, the main course contains the main source of protein and some raw vegetables, the dessert is a light or richer dessert.

Our Suggestion for quick vegan recipes for a multi-course lunch:

Starter: sweet potato and mango soup

Main course: paprika filled with tofu, with kohlrabi carpaccio

Dessert: sweet potato and peanut ice cream

To do this, boil or bake the sweet potato and freeze it in portions, remove it from the freezer if necessary and use it for two recipes. It is worth cleaning the mixer or hand blender.

Possible Leftovers You can freeze the soup, the kohlrabi carpaccio can be processed into a vegetable pan the next day and the filled peppers can also be eaten cold at work. Nothing will be left of the sweet potato ice cream anyway;)

Delicious vegan main meals are that easy!