Who is the best tattoo artist

Tattoo artists: The 10 best tattoo artists worldwide

The average man has around 1.8 square meters of skin. Before you get any sections of it tattooed, you should carefully choose your subject and tattoo artist. We have 10 very special suggestions here - namely the most sought-after tattoo artists in the world. And one of them even comes from Germany.

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Chaim Machlev

Chaim Machlev is currently one of the most sought-after tattoo artists worldwide. 'Dots to Lines' is not only the name of his tattoo studio in Berlin, but also describes his unmistakable style: His tattoos consist of geometric shapes, ornaments and lines that seem to have always been associated with individual body shapes . This is exactly what Chaim Machlev is all about. In order to make the work of art look harmonious at the end, the final design is only created on the day of the appointment in cooperation with the customer. He designs each of his motifs for the individual body shape.


Ondrashs' tattoos captivate with a sea of ​​colors. The native Czech coined the style of the so-called "watercolor tattoos" or "aquarelle tattoos", which look as if they were painted with watercolors or watercolors. The individual colors almost seem to blur into each other and thus result in a harmonious, very soft interplay. Ondrash learned his trade while studying fashion design. Each motif stands for individuality and creativity. At first he had to persuade friends to have his works of art tattooed on them. Today you wait in vain for an appointment with him.

Mr. K

Hardly any tattoo artist works as delicately as Mr. K. Every little detail finds its way onto the customer's skin. His motifs range from tiny lettering and small symbols to almost real-looking images of animals, people or landscapes. For him, tattoos are a luxury item that you have to take care of and take care of. Something very special - just like his work.

Kenji Alucky

There is only one color for Kenji Alucky: black. But that's enough for him to leave his own signature. The Japanese style is shaped by "Dot works", among other things. The motif consists of innumerable small dots that come together at the end to form a picture. But he doesn't just paint mandalas or geometric shapes on the bodies of his clients. Kenji Alucky doesn't shy away from the currently very popular, large-area tattoos, in which black tattooed areas are only broken up by small skin-colored details.

Alvin Chong

Alvin Chong not only captured his art on the bodies of his customers, but also in his book "The Art of Alvin", in which a large number of his drawings can be found. His great passion is art. So he came to tattooing through painting in 2009. His style is inspired by Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gogue, Shawn Barber, Luba Goldina and Joshua Carlton. Alvin Chong is known for his impressive portraits and detailed drawings that come very close to reality.

Durb Morrison

Durb Morrison has been working as a tattoo artist for 26 years. He spent the beginning of his career traveling to find new inspiration and learn from different tattoo artists. The American has specialized in "New School" and "Neo Traditional Tattoos". Characteristic for this species are the black borders, which are then colored in with bright colors.

Corey Divine

Corey Divines ‘specialty are mandalas and geometric motifs. He wants to fill his art with spirituality. If he applies the needle, then only for a whole arm or the whole back. Only then does he have the feeling of creating a complete work of art. Most of his motifs are in the style of "Black Geometric Art". Since he enjoys trying out new things over and over again, he is now breathing color into his mandalas more often.

Bob Tyrell

Bob Tyrrell was practically born with a passion for tattooing. His father also works as a tattoo artist and is still his greatest source of inspiration to this day. At a young age he gave up the art of music and only landed in the tattoo scene at the age of 34. In the meantime he has established himself there. He is known for his black and white portraits.

Marco Manzo

The work of the Italian Marco Manzo can be recognized by the very precise and exact execution of his "Ornamentic Tattoos". He has already won more than 60 prizes for his art and even made it to museums like the Gagosian Gallery in New York. His style is so popular that it is being copied more and more often.