Should I wear dentures all the time

What can you expect when you receive your first denture?

For many people, artificial dentures are part of everyday life. If your dentist has suggested that you wear dentures, you are definitely not an isolated case. Millions of people around the world wear dentures that allow them to eat, speak and smile with confidence again.

Between your visits to the dentist and the necessary time to get used to it, it can be very helpful, especially for you as a new denture wearer, if you know exactly what to expect during the entire treatment so that you can be far less worried overall. The following guide will give you answers to your questions about the entire treatment:

Manufacture of your dentures

When making your dentures, you will likely go through the following steps:

  • Tooth removal: Your dentist will explain step by step what exactly to expect and what he recommends for you afterwards, so that you are always fully informed and can feel reassured if your teeth have to be removed.
  • Impression: impressions of your jaw (s) will be made so that you will receive a tailor-made prosthesis.
  • Bite impression: Wax walls are used for bite registration in order to ensure a pleasant bite situation even with a prosthesis. At this point you may also be asked to choose the shape and color of your new teeth.
  • Wax models: Your new teeth are first molded in wax. At this point in time, you can already see what your dentures will look like after completion.
  • Insertion: After your prosthesis is completed, it will be inserted and you will be given instructions on how to use it.

If you have an appointment with your dentist to discuss how your new denture will look and feel with it, it might be easier to bring a family member with you for support. Bringing some older photos can also help you choose the shape and color that match your real teeth, so that you feel like yourself again.

If you decide to wear a denture immediately after your teeth have been removed, your dentist can advise you on that too.

Getting used to dentures

Once your prosthesis is in place, it can feel a little strange at first. However, this is completely normal and your mouth, tongue, and facial muscles will get used to it. Everyday activities, such as eating and talking, can require a little practice. Just take it slow and you will regain your former security very soon. Your dentist can advise you on products such as: B. denture adhesives or cleaners that can make wearing the prosthesis more comfortable.

How long does the acclimatization phase take?

There are sometimes only a few months between your first appointment and the day on which you feel completely comfortable with your new prosthesis. Expect four or five dental appointments over a period of three to six weeks. However, this can vary from case to case.

Also visit your dentist regularly after inserting your removable dentures. In this way you can ensure that both the prosthesis and your entire mouth remain in perfect condition.

If your dentures do not fit properly, see a dentist, as ill-fitting dentures can cause pressure and friction. Correcting the dentures is uncomplicated and quick. As soon as your new prosthesis is fitted, you can fully enjoy your life again.