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How to find a reliable cleaning lady:

Allowing cleaning help into the house requires great trust. After all, the stranger not only gets an insight into your private life, but can also access valuables and personal documents.
Many therefore swear by word of mouth and only want to employ a cleaning lady recommended by friends or relatives. However, some online portals have also specialized in arranging domestic help. There you are guaranteed to find cleaning assistance in your region and lots of information, contract templates and assistance.

You will find a cleaning lady at these providers:

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Agents like Helpling usually offer complete packages and take care of the bureaucracy relating to cleaning aids: payroll, insurance, representation in the event of vacation or illness, etc. You are on your own with portals such as

How expensive is a cleaning lady?

The lower limit is the general minimum wage, which is a little under 10 euros per hour. At the moment, however, you have to calculate 10 to 20 euros as the usual hourly wage for domestic help, with a clear urban-rural gap. In rural areas, 10 euros can be appropriate, in large cities the remuneration approaches 20 euros. In addition, the wages differ according to location, e.g. Munich is more expensive than Berlin.

What tasks does a cleaning lady have?

The basic tasks of a cleaning lady include cleaning:

  • Floors
  • Carpets
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Work surfaces
  • Baths

Not every household worker takes care of washing clothes, cleaning windows, ironing or watering flowers. And tidying up before cleaning is also not part of the repertoire of most of them.

It is best to determine exactly what the cleaning aid should do at certain intervals right at the beginning. If you would like your domestic help to take on extra tasks, discuss them with her precisely (for example, always ensure fresh flowers and dispose of old flowers). An experienced, reliable person will certainly defrost the refrigerator regularly or tidy up the wardrobe, but may also ask for a higher wage.

This is the ideal cleaning lady:

The optimal domestic help is flexible, works effectively and thinks along with you. In the best case, she notices where there is an acute need and asks whether she should do some grocery shopping or spring cleaning for the windows right away. In doing so, she should not turn the entire budget upside down on her own initiative, but always act in consultation with her employer. In addition, a real cleaning fairy is careful with all inventory and is characterized by secrecy and loyalty.

How is my home furnishings insured?

Insurance is included in the price of portals such as Helpling. If you employ help yourself, they are generally liable themselves, but only for gross negligence or intent in the employment relationship. The fact that things accidentally break while cleaning is a general risk to life. In this case, it is therefore advisable to take out comprehensive household insurance. In addition, the cleaning assistant should definitely have liability insurance, which also covers damage to third party property caused by it. Because it can happen that something falls on the neighboring property or against a neighboring building while working hard, or that the cleaning lady damages the property of guests and roommates.

And how is my “pearl” insured?

With portals like Helpling, the cleaning lady is automatically insured against accidents. The same applies if you have registered your cleaning lady. Then it is protected against injuries in the household and on the way to and from the workplace. To do this, you have to register the cleaning lady at the mini job center. This is absolutely necessary for another reason: Only in this way can you be sure that you will not be prosecuted for illegal employment. You will also improve your position if there are any difficulties. Only in a legal employment relationship can you report damage to an insurance company and, in the worst case, file a criminal complaint if your pearl does not prove to be honest.

What experiences do you have with a cleaning lady?

In the case of bad experiences with cleaning women, theft and embezzlement are at the top, sloppiness and gossip addiction can also cloud the employment relationship. In order to have the best possible experience, it is best to do a test brushing at the beginning. For the first visit of your cleaning fairy, you lock away all valuables and initially only let them into the rooms where not much can break. Little by little you will find out how much you can trust and entrust to her.

Would you like to work as a cleaning lady? That's how it's done:

Create a meaningful profile with your qualifications, professional experience and areas of activity and publish it on the above-mentioned online portals.

Also try:

and other ad sites you know.

You can also advertise in regional newspapers and post notes in your place of residence, for example in the supermarket or at the hairdresser's. Also ask your friends and relatives whether anyone knows potential clients. Before starting work, take care of your liability insurance and insist that your employer registers you and concludes a written employment contract with you.

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