Parents should treat their children equally

How parents treat siblings fairly

Reason to reflect

Such a reproach is always a reason to think about your own condition: Am I more involved in my job than usual and therefore less attentive to the children overall? Does a child really need more attention than their siblings because they are ailing, constantly experiencing outbursts of anger or being offensive in kindergarten? "Often such complaints can be explained from the situation," said Rainer Riemann. He advises engaging in a friendly, respectful conversation to clarify why a feeling of being neglected has arisen. Often times, even more cuddling sessions, ten minutes of exclusive reading time every day or an occasional solo excursion with mom or dad without siblings work little miracles.

Learn from scuffles

Whether it's blueberry competition or the scramble for the most beautiful window view when traveling by train - when my girls start to scream "she's got it" again, the following study will definitely comfort me: Researchers at the University of Cambridge recently found that more Quarreling among brothers and sisters contributes to positive personal development. Above all, social intelligence is strengthened, and aggressions can be better controlled in the long term. "And even the occasional feeling of being withdrawn, which will occur again and again in life outside of the family, has great potential," concludes Cornelia Mack. "Because in moments like this, children learn to formulate and demand their needs."