How many people work on Instagram

49 interesting Instagram stats

Before there was Instagram, photos were taken and shared. But with Instagram and its fancy filters and simple sub-functions, we became addicted to posting photos from our vacation or what we were eating.

Millions of people use the app every day and there are plenty of Instagram facts and figures out there to show how popular the platform is. We scoured the web for the latest statistics.

Figures on the history of Instagram

Instagram was launched on October 6, 2010.

On July 16, 2010, Instagram's CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Systrom posted the first photo on Instagram:

The network was bought by Facebook on April 9, 2012 for $ 1 billion.

At the time, Instagram only had 30 million users.

In October 2013, Instagram introduced advertising options for selected brands; this function was expanded to all from September 2015.

In June 2016, Instagram switched to a non-chronological feed. A lot of users weren't happy about this, but Instagram said it would help users miss fewer posts from the people they follow.

Instagram Stories were introduced to the platform in August 2016. With Stories, users can upload photos and videos (also with the option of adding stickers and other information) to their profiles, which then disappear after 24 hours (the functionality is similar to Snapchat).

There are now over 2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram.

IGTV, also known as Instagram TV, was launched in June 2018. With this stand-alone app, users can upload longer videos and present in-depth video content.

Financial figures on Instagram

A 2015 forecast said Instagram will make $ 595 million from mobile advertising.

By 2017, Instagram's global mobile ad revenue will reach nearly $ 4 billion.

By 2019, the revenue could break the 10 billion dollar mark.

A study found that 8 percent of all accounts are fake accounts.

The same study shows that 29.9 percent of all accounts are "inactive" and only post one or fewer photos or videos per month.

After Instagram introduced video, more than 5 million videos were shared within 24 hours.

The most popular food shared the most on Instagram is pizza, followed by sushi and chicken.

Instagram marketing statistics

There are over 25 million brand accounts on Instagram and 80% of users follow one.

If we only look at the top 100 brands worldwide, 90 percent have an Instagram account.

96 percent of US fashion brands are on Instagram.

60% of Instagram users discover new products via the platform.

Brand engagement is 10 times higher on Instagram than on Facebook. It's 54 times higher than on Pinterest and 84 times higher than on Twitter.

Over a third of Instagram users have used their mobile devices to buy a product online - they are 70 percent more likely to buy online than non-Instagram users.

32 percent of teenagers in the US say Instagram is their top social network.

50 percent of Instagramers follow brands. This makes Instagram the network on which users are most likely to come into contact with brands.

Posts that contain a different handle get 56 percent more engagement.

Posts with at least one hashtag get 12.6 percent more engagement.

And posts with location information generate 79 percent more engagement.

Photos get higher engagement on Instagram than videos.

The average engagement per post grew by 416 percent over the past two years.

70 percent of the most used hashtags are about brands.

Photography has changed massively in recent years. A few figures prove this: nowadays more photos are taken every two minutes than all photos of the 19th century combined.

And 10 percent of all photos ever taken were taken in the past twelve months. The appetite for taking photos does not seem to decrease. These Instagram numbers show just how important this trend is for marketers to reach their audiences.

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