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Ideas and tips for a romantic breakfast

Cuddling up in the pillows at home, freshly in love, ideally not getting up all Sunday and enjoying breakfast for two. Is your love not so fresh anymore? Then get it going again with a romantic breakfast. A little attention, a few kind words and a wonderful surprise with breakfast in bed and the sparks will slowly start to sparkle again.

We'll tell you how to prepare a loving surprise for your partner with a romantic breakfast. There is no need for a special occasion. But for a wedding, annual or birthday it is the perfect start to the day.

What is the best place to make a romantic breakfast?

Our answer is clear: At home! Because what could be more comfortable than sleeping in, cuddling up in bed a little and then having breakfast together. Get up, get dressed, dress up, go out of the house ... the romance is often a thing of the past when you finally sit with countless other people in a breakfast bar with a growling stomach.

The only question that arises: breakfast in bed or at the table?

breakfast in bed

Fragrant coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and oven-fresh croissants. You hardly need more for breakfast in bed. Great romantics complement it with flowers, especially if there is a wedding or anniversary to celebrate. It's about the gesture and the surprise. Breakfast at home in bed should be a small token of love and not a gourmet menu.

It has to be easy and not involve a lot of effort. Getting out of bed again and again to fetch this and that or crumbs in bed is not exactly conducive to romance. Breakfast is best prepared bite-sized, because nobody likes to cuddle in the middle of the crumbs.

Our recommendations for breakfast in bed:

  • Croissants, Kipferl, donut or muffins and fresh raspberries and a flower.

  • Fruit salad, muesli, porridge, smoothie bowls - everything that can easily be spooned.

  • Fresh toast, already coated with butter and honey or jam.

  • Warm heart waffles with sugar and strawberries.

In any case, you need a large tray that is stable and has fold-out legs for a successful breakfast in bed. If you don't have that, then try to put a small side table by the bed, where you can put down the tray with breakfast.

If you want to prove your love with flowers, then you would rather fall back on a single rose that is simply on the tray or sprinkle a few petals between the plates. A vase on the tray tends to fall over and refresh the cuddling experience in bed wet and cool.

Discover sweets for breakfast in bed

The big romantic breakfast.

The table is set beautifully, the best china is brought out. A bouquet of flowers or at least a rose at the table should not be missing. A scented candle gives off a bewitching scent and discreetly romantic songs play in the background. The romantic atmosphere is the be-all and end-all.

Have you decided on the large, romantic variant at the dining table? Then a little preparation is required. But we promise it's worth it! We'll help you with instructions for those who don't like breakfast and inexperienced romantics.

Checklist and instructions for the big romantic breakfast:

Preparation the day before:

  • Think about what you want to serve for breakfast and go shopping.

  • Order fresh bread and pastries, freshly squeezed juices and sweet delicacies from a delivery service like Hausbrot.at, who will deliver everything to your front door in the morning. So you don't have to go out on breakfast day and everything for breakfast is fresh.

  • Don't forget to organize candles and flowers. You can also have flowers delivered to you, e.g. from our partner Bloomerei in Austria.

  • Chill sparkling wine or prosecco.

  • Prepare everything for the decoration and choose dishes.

On the day of breakfast:

  • It is best to get up quietly and secretly and prepare everything.

  • Set the table: coffee cups and saucers, small plates, egg cups, juice and champagne glasses, knives, forks, teaspoons.

  • Decoration at the table: light candles, put flowers in a vase on the table, prepare nice napkins.

  • Prepare coffee or tea.

  • Do you plan to cook an egg dish, then put everything ready by the stove.

That should be at the table for breakfast - a suggestion:

  • Fresh pastries in a bread basket plus a knife to be able to cut the pastries,

  • Sweets depending on your preferences: croissants, curd cheese, donuts, etc.,

  • Butter,

  • Honey, jam,

  • Coffee, tea, sugar and frothed milk,

  • Freshly squeezed juice or your favorite juice,

  • Fresh fruits, possibly a fruit salad,

  • Soft eggs or other egg dishes such as fried eggs, omelets, poached eggs,

  • Salt pepper,

  • Ham, cheese, salmon or vegetarian alternatives, depending on your preferences,

  • A little fresh, sliced ​​vegetables on a plate (e.g. cocktail tomatoes, cucumber slices, paprika strips),

  • Yogurt and granola.

A little surprise:

Celebrating their annual, wedding or birthday, then you might have a small present to put at the table. You can also just write a small declaration of love on a nice piece of paper, roll it up, tie a bow with a ribbon and place it on the plate.

Download the checklist for the big romantic breakfast.

Even more ideas & recipes for a romantic breakfast

Aphrodisiac foods:

The simplest aphrodisiac is a romantic, trusting atmosphere. But a few selected foods can help, even if they only exude a touch of luxury and are not entirely commonplace - so that breakfast becomes a romantic experience.

  • Strawberries

  • Figs

  • Bananas

  • Goji berries

  • Pomegranates

  • champagne

  • Dark chocolate

  • Cinnamon - e.g. sprinkled on the coffee in the shape of a heart

  • caviar

  • And coffee is also said to have an aphrodisiac effect ...

Small ideas with a heart

Flip through the pictures and get ideas with a heart for a romantic breakfast

A nice little message and a few flowers you picked yourself. It doesn't take more than that.

Serve the coffee with love and say it with your heart. To do this, you pour milk foam points onto the coffee and carefully pull a thin stick through the points. This is how hearts are made. You can find countless instructions for this on YouTube.

Does your loved one prefer tea? Simply cut out a heart out of colored paper and stick it to the tea bag. You are sure to have a loving smile.

For playful romantics: serve heart-shaped breakfast. Simply take out the heart cutters and cut out hearts - from toast, from fried eggs, from an omelette, from cheese or from a cake.

Marriage proposal with a romantic breakfast

Our tip: If you are thinking about how to propose to your loved one - a romantic breakfast in bed is the ideal setting, which is sure to ensure happy hours that will be remembered for a long time. It doesn't take a lot of effort and the surprise is still perfect if the ring is served with fragrant coffee, a rose, a glass of champagne and a small special breakfast.

Order breakfast and have it delivered.

Yes, preparing such a romantic breakfast for 2 is a bit of a hassle, but you will enjoy it! Don't forget - we at Hausbrot make it easy for you. We reliably deliver breakfast to your apartment door. Also on Sunday.

Order everything for the romantic breakfast

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