What are the best funny short stories

Funny short stories. A small, FREE selection!

Funny short stories are much sought after and read aloud with pleasure. It's not that easy with the funny short stories. Not everyone has the same sense of humor and what makes one burst out laughing only provokes a tired yawn in the other. The funny short stories that we present to you today were written especially for senior work and work with people with dementia.

A small selection of our funny short stories

What is generally difficult with funny short stories becomes even more difficult with funny short stories for reading aloud in elderly care. The punch line should be easy to understand. The story should be short and sweet. But please not too slippery…. We have put together a small selection of our funny short stories for you here:

  1. "The host invites you!"
  2. A godly man and a lesson for life.
  3. The birthday present.
  4. Gustige Schelichte.
  5. Hildegard comes over.

Everyone decides for themselves whether the short stories are really funny 😉. We are sure that one or the other will certainly get a smile out of it.

More stories to read aloud

Short stories can not only be funny, they can also be strange, sad or contemplative, sometimes they just describe an everyday situation, which makes them especially valuable for working with people with dementia.Stories to read aloud there are very many on Mal-alt-haben.de. In addition to the short stories, the proverb stories are particularly worth mentioning. Proverbs and idioms have been integrated into the proverb stories so that the audience can be involved while reading aloud and can add to the proverbs. The song stories have also proven their worth when working with people with dementia. The short story that is read is interrupted by vocal interludes from well-known folk songs. But also arithmetic stories, sound stories, movement stories, poems and, and, and, are simply indispensable in working with seniors. All the stories that have appeared on Mal-alt-haben.de so far can be found here (there are over 400!).

Book recommendations

Verlag an der Ruhr has brought out an extensive collection of 5-minute stories for working with people with dementia. Every time we look at the publisher's website, we discover new books. One book from the series is called "Schmunzelgeschichten" and contains funny short stories for working with seniors and people with dementia. You can find the book on Amazon here. * Vincentz-Verlag has a beautiful book with the title “Das Schmunzelbuch” in its range.

Always stay up to date

Short stories are an integral part of working with seniors and people with dementia. New funny and non-funny short stories are also planned for Mal-alt-haben.de in the future. In order to be regularly informed about these stories and other contributions from us, it is worth ordering the newsletter or our website at Facebook to subscribe. So you can't miss a thing.