Is the CMC designation of a certified business consultant valuable

Questions about business? Port41 experts can help!

  • Michael Stowasser Business consulting

    Stowasser management consultancy interim management, finance / controlling and personnel

  • Monika Herbstrith-Lappe Training / coaching, business consulting

    Management consultant, keynote speaker, trainer, coach, author and managing partner of Impulse & Effect - Herbstrith Management Consulting

  • Eva-Maria Foeda marketing and advertisement

    Managing Director eyepin Austria

  • Gerhard Pix Training / coaching

    Expert for sales and communication training:

  • Julia Haitzmann marketing and advertisement

    Online Marketing and Growth Hacking

  • Manuela Mätzeer Training / coaching, business consulting

    Managing Director of the Institute for Family Businesses ifub

  • Heinz Goldemund Business consulting

    Independent management consultant and expert for the Vienna Chamber of Commerce

  • Ivo Lagler Security expert

    Facility manager, fire protection officer and safety specialist;

  • Norbert Renz insurance

    Product management and product development at

  • Tobias Tretzmüller Lawyer

    Lawyer specializing in IT contract law, copyright law (license law), data protection law and IT security

  • Martin Seibt Author / speaker / opinion leader, training / coaching, management consultancy

    Biologist, trainer, author and organizational developer.

  • Marie Meyer-Marktl Training / coaching, business consulting

    Business and career coach and management consultant for fulfillment at work

  • Mario Herger Author / speaker / opinion leader

    Founder of Enterprise Garage Consultancy, author of "The Silicon Valley Mindset"

  • Ariane Haller Business consulting

    Management consultant,

  • Ferdinand Wirth Banks / Financing

    Managing Director at Prime Assets, board member of the Austrian Association of Financial Planners

  • Jan Koenigstätter marketing and advertisement

    Expert in search engine optimization and performance marketing, managing director of Otago online Consulting

  • Julia Hauska PR and communication

    Head of Career Publishing

  • Daniel Miedler IT and digitization

    Head of Business Unit - Network Infrastructure & Security at Dimension Data Austria GmbH

  • Sanjeev Sharma IT and digitization

    Best-selling author of DevOps Adoption and Global Practice Director for Data Transformation at Delphix.

  • Niklas Grünewald marketing and advertisement

    advises companies through the agency ReachOn on all aspects of social media and helps to find the right influencer.

  • Johannes Olischar Lawyer

    Lawyer in Vienna, specialist in real estate, inventory and residential property law,

  • Emile Schenk marketing and advertisement

    tells small and large customers how they can be more successful on the Internet with little effort.

  • Rainer Petek Author / speaker / opinion leader

    Author, speaker and extreme mountaineer

  • Karin Brauneis-Ryan Business consulting

    Certified Management Consultant, Angel Investor, Financing Advisor,

  • Markus Glanzer Security expert

    Expert in emergency management, crisis management and business continuity management

  • Christina Frischherz Training / coaching

    Couples and sex counselor,,

  • Marcus Kemethofer IT and digitization, marketing and advertising

    Founder at Komma99

  • Ulrike Schwanzer Tax advice

    Auditor, tax advisor and managing director at stwb Steuer- und Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH

  • Teresa Arrieta PR and communication

    Multimedia journalist, PR and podcast expert

  • Leo Hillinger Author / speaker / opinion leader

    Vintner and "2 minutes 2 million" jury

  • Alexander lobster Business consulting

    Management consultant and startup mentor, managing director and founder of AERC Consulting KG

  • Florian was called marketing and advertisement

    Online marketer with over 20 years of experience, managing director of Digital Wings

  • Patrick Pachner Web development

    Owner of pachner webconsulting e.U.

  • Roman Braun Training / coaching

    Executive coach, psychological consultant, bestselling author and managing director of Trinergy International

  • Wolfgang Millner IT and digitization

    Expert for IT security, information security & data protection and CEO of Rentea GmbH.

  • Judith Girschik Training / coaching

    Coach for executives and business mediator

  • Alfred Harl Business consulting

    Management consultant, managing director of Harl Consulting, co-founder and managing director Port41

  • Lothar Lehner Training / coaching

    Coach, trainer and creative individual entrepreneur

  • Peter Moerwald Training / coaching

    Graduated mental trainer and certified individual and team coach

  • Hubertus Thum Lawyer

    Lawyer in Vienna Law firm THUM

  • Dominic Neumann IT and digitization, business consulting

    DerneumanN.Consulting e.U. Consultant and court sworn expert for information technology, chairman UBIT Styria

  • Sonja Radatz Training / coaching

    Managing Director at IRBW

  • Kristin Allwinger PR and communication

    Managing partner of Akonsult KG, communication & consulting

  • Karin Kappel, Simone Awender IT and digitization

    Software developers at RISE, Research Industrial Systems Engineering

  • Kasia Greco Business consulting

    Management consultant, trainer, coach and EPU representative of the WKW,

  • Jürgen Tarbauer marketing and advertisement

    Managing Director of OMNES GmbH and Chairman of the Young Economy Vienna

  • Wolfgang Fuchs Business consulting

    Mag. Wolfgang Fuchs, managing partner of SISCON management consultancy.

  • Eva Bauer PR and communication

    PR consultant and copywriter, founder of communication consulting for good PR

  • Immo Mohrenschildt Business consulting

    Independent management consultant and expert for the Vienna Chamber of Commerce,

  • Melanie Scheiber Certification

    Head of Marketing, Public Relations at Quality Austria

  • Aleka Zichy creation

    Art director and owner of Atelier Zichy

  • Walter Glösl Tax advice

    Tax advisor, financial criminal law expert and managing director at Auditax Steuerberatung

  • René Millonig IT and digitization

    Sales manager at haude electronica Verlags-GmbH

  • Franz Peter Walder Business consulting

    Management consultant, managing partner FACT Consulting

  • Vanja Lazic marketing and advertisement

    Marketing Executive at STORE ROOM - Smart Self-Storage

  • Stefanie Stickler Training / coaching

    Practice for Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis,

  • Manuel Haselberger Event agency

    Junior project manager at flave.

  • Magdalena Brix creation

    Film producer, managing director of Brix Productions

  • Alexandra Gruber Author / speaker / opinion leader

    Journalist, copywriter, co-author of several non-fiction books

  • Erhard Busek Research and Teaching

    Former Vice Chancellor, Chairman of the Board of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe.

  • Alexander Stolar Security expert

    Expert in technical environmental protection, safety specialist, expert and co-founder of DutySimple

  • Gregor Jasch Author / speaker / opinion leader, creation

    Amazon bestselling author, top speaker, creative sparring partner

  • Alexandra Pauna marketing and advertisement

    Expert for Facebook, Social Media Marketing and Performance Marketing at Otago Online Consulting

  • Petra Payer Human resources

    Senior HR Manager at Wolkenrot.

  • Katharina Winkler, Markus Cerny Lawyer

    Lawyers at Pitzal / Cerny / Partner, Vienna

  • Annette Wallisch-Tomasch Training / coaching

    Clinical psychologist, health psychologist and certified online psychologist via instahelp

  • Manuela Vollmann Training / coaching

    Chairwoman of the board, managing director and founder of abz * austria.

  • Wolfgang Spiess-Knafl Author / speaker / opinion leader

    Managing Director of Next Generation Impact, expert in social impact strategies

  • Waltraud Martius Franchise advice

    CEO at Syncon International Franchise Consultants

  • bookamat accounting software IT and digitization

    Automated accounting for self-employed and small businesses

  • Elisabeth Motsch Training / coaching

    Image & style expert and author, managing director Elisabeth Motsch - Style.Profil.Wirung

  • Alexandra Fiedler-Lehmann marketing and advertisement

    Communication expert, marketing specialist and owner of the Good Agency.

  • Walter Baumann Tax advice

    Auditor, consultant, expert and managing director at Baumann Consult

  • Kurt Moser PR and communication

    Text & concept for advertising and marketing
    in the partner network for comprehensive communication

  • Andreas Knipp Tax advice

    Tax advisor in Vienna since 1999, specialist for small businesses

  • Michael Lachner Training / coaching, business consulting

    Author and success coach at Excellent Startup

  • Gina Baschant creation

    Independent photographer and picture editor,

  • Nuriel Molcho Author / speaker / opinion leader

    Influencer, hat maker and restaurateur

  • Georg Mündl IT and digitization

    Head of the Mail Solutions division at Österreichische Post AG

  • Michael Mayer marketing and advertisement

    Austria Director, Business Network International (BNI)

  • Magda Bleckmann Author / speaker / opinion leader

    Expert for success networks

  • Heidi Bleau IT and digitization

    Marketing Manager at RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence

  • Veronica Pelican Business consulting

    Port41 publisher, corporate communications and web presence expert, managing director of Pelikan Publishing

  • Roland Schimpl Certification

    Management systems consultant and auditor

  • Clemens Wasner IT and digitization

    CEO at enlite.AI, Founder AI Austria

  • Markus Hotz Business consulting

    Managing Director of Markus Hotz Consulting GmbH

  • Ernst Sonnleitner Business consulting

    Prof. Sonnleitner corporate development

  • Marietta Babos Retirement provision

    Financial expert, founder of the pension advisory agency Damensache

  • Susanne Klepsch IT and digitization

    CEO & Co-Founder of Meetfox

  • Harald Straub Business consulting

    Management consultant (CMC) with a focus on data protection and eCommerce, managing director of KMU Business Center GmbH

  • Ursula Boehle Training / coaching

    Interim manager at F-Top Institute and GF Navreme GmbH

  • Mathias Thon

    Managing Director of THON Baubetreuung GmbH

  • Martin Puaschitz IT and digitization

    CEO of Puaschitz IT, court sworn expert and chairman of UBIT Vienna.

  • Gertrude Mauerbauer marketing and advertisement

    Project management and web marketing at Akaryon GmbH

  • Martina Pecher Business consulting

    CSR expert, managing director of Pecher Consulting GmbH, auditor for berufundfamilie.

  • Liss Heller Tax advice, business advice

    Values ​​expert, entrepreneur, professional speaker, Heller Consult Tax & Business Solutions GmbH

  • Friederike Christians Business consulting

    Managing Director of Christenconsulting.

  • Matthias Strolz Author / speaker / opinion leader

    Entrepreneur, author, Homo politicus

  • Claudia Schanza Training / coaching

    Journalist, presenter, media trainer;

  • Damian Izdebski IT and digitization

    Founder and CEO of techbold

  • Claudio Catrini Marketing and advertising, training / coaching

    Digital management consultant, sales and marketing expert

  • Klaudia Varga-Kases marketing and advertisement

    Marketing for small and medium-sized businesses, owner of AdOnPoint

  • Karl-Heinz Land Business consulting

    Digital Evangelist and Digital Darwinist, CEO of strategy consulting neuland

  • Roman Kmenta Business consulting

    Entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker, and blogger;

  • Wolfgang Hetlinger Collection / receivables management

    Managing Director and Shareholder at KNP Financial Services

  • Annemarie Schallhart Training / coaching, business consulting

    Expert in corporate development and sociocracy,

  • Markus Paschl

    Managing Director of Wiesmayr Klimatechnik

  • Nicola Lederer marketing and advertisement

    Brand expert, owner of

  • Gary Hallam IT and digitization

    Director Pre-Sales at Delphix

  • Tatiana Petkova creation

    Copywriter, managing director of SUPER | WORD

  • Oskar Öhlsasser IT and digitization

    is the managing director of Oskar IT GmbH and offers ongoing IT support for SMEs.

  • Doris Doppler PR and communication

    Business economist and copywriter

  • Gabriele Tatzberger

    Head of start-up services at the Vienna Business Agency

  • Meike Hohenwarter Training / coaching

    helps consultants and coaches to create and implement an online business concept

  • Stefan Gössler Author / speaker / opinion leader

    Best-selling author and business blogger - there is a method for success

  • Manfred Lappe Business consulting

    Book author, court sworn expert, management consultant and founder of Lappe-Consulting

  • Natalie Thon marketing and advertisement