What is stopping you from being snobbish?

Snob, sadist, misanthrope

hundefreak92 said:

Yes, there is some truth to it . The problem is that I have a pretty material way of thinking. According to the motto money, school leaving certificate and professional career, everything is what counts. That from the point of view of a snob, where I think people with academic degrees are the best people because they look good, have a lot of money ect ....! This is how I try to be, because from my point of view that is the best quality of life that can be achieved in life.

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Well, you have chosen the material way of thinking. To decide that is not fate, but is based on your knowledge and your freedom.

Your way of thinking is opposed to mine:

I find professional success important, but I reject material thinking. Your material way of thinking means that a good-looking person who, for example, takes advantage of others and comes to power and money at the expense of other people, is a good person. Were Stalin and Hitler good people? According to this, old, weak, sick and destitute people would be bad. In the consistent mindset, they were killed. In my opinion, materialistic thinking is a misanthropic way of thinking.

In your way of thinking, you would have to regard yourself as not lovable and not valuable and therefore also not be able to love yourself, because you still lack material wealth and power (and good looks?).

Love for people, for you, for others, seems alien to you. Should you ever be looking for a life partner, the search for a good business relationship would be the appropriate expression.

In my opinion, quality of life not only has to do with a materially pleasant environment, but above all with a free spirit. The freer the mind is, the less it is dependent on external circumstances.

Any dependence on happiness is dangerous for happiness. Because we can't hold onto anything. Having it makes people happy for a short time. It offers a feeling of security, not a factual one, because even an illness teaches us that we cannot hold onto anything. The last shirt has no pockets. Being able to be happy without becoming dependent on matter and people is an art.

LG, North Rhine