Netflix subscription is free for Netflix employees

What does Netflix cost? The subscriptions and costs for Germany at a glance

An exciting question for series and film fans: How much does Netflix actually cost? In view of the large number of offers and the competition from other streaming portals, everyone should know what the monthly costs are. In the following you will find out where the differences lie and whether you can also use Netflix for free.

Netflix costs for Germany at a glance

If you want to get Netflix access, you first have to choose between three subscription models, which vary in scope and thus also in price. However, the scope only relates to the simultaneous use of the streaming service and download options for the content, but not to the content itself. Each subscription model has the entire catalog of films and series.

Basis for 7.99 euros:With this subscription you can watch the Netflix content on a device of your choice, but only in the standard definition. If necessary, films and series can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet for offline mode.

Standard for 12.99 euros:In the standard package, you have the option of streaming Netflix content on two devices at the same time - in HD quality. For offline mode, you can save films or series on two different devices.

Premium for 17.99 euros:This subscription model is the most expensive, but it also offers the largest range: Not only can you watch the content on Netflix in HD and Ultra HD, it is also possible on four devices at the same time. You can also download the content on as many devices.

No matter which subscription you choose, the Netflix catalog is the same for everyone. Image: © Netflix 2018

Special Netflix subscription for students?

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you here: Netflix does not have a special subscription for students. Either you have to be content with the basic offer or you share a premium account with your flatmates. If you all live in the same apartment, sharing the account is not a violation of the terms and conditions. However, sharing the account with your best friend at the other end of town or your favorite neighbor is not permitted!

Use Netflix for free

A free use of Netflix is ​​generally not possible. Those who opt for the streaming portal have to pay for their subscription per month, but not per film. The option of buying or renting some titles individually for an extra charge, such as with Amazon Prime, does not exist with Netflix.

You can only use Netflix for free under one condition: by using the free trial month. However, if this has expired, you will incur the monthly costs mentioned above.

Free use of Netflix is ​​only possible as part of a trial month. Image: © Netflix 2018

Netflix price increase

Netflix users are also not immune to occasional price increases. Most recently, the costs were raised slightly in January 2021: the standard subscription was increased by one euro, the premium subscription by as much as two euros. Only the basic subscription remains unchanged.

There can always be price increases. In the Netflix Support Center it says: "The subscriptions and prices of Netflix can be adjusted from time to time because we are adding more series and films to our range, introducing new product functions and making other improvements to the Netflix environment."

However, Netflix will never raise prices without notice. So far, all users have always been informed of the price increase by email, so that they have the opportunity to delete their account in good time if necessary.


  1. Netflix offers three different subscription models (basic, standard, premium)
  2. There is no subscription specifically for students
  3. Price increases on Netflix can always occur, but will be announced in good time