Is your life a struggle

If life is a struggle: wake up and let these 7 things be

Life is a struggle when you live these 7 behaviors. If you long for love and simplicity, keep reading this article to find out what kinds of behaviors you can keep going. It's your decision.


  1. When you let yourself be stressed unnecessarily
  2. When you judge and blame others
  3. If you always want to be right
  4. When you lie and pretend
  5. When you do things to get something from others
  6. When you rise above others
  7. When you submit to others
  8. How you can deal with it now

You have to fight and suffer as long as you have not yet realized your true nature. From the moment you awaken spiritually, your life begins to slowly but radically change. More precisely, it is you who begin to change by dropping more and more lies and devoting yourself to the inner truth. Your view of yourself and life has become clear because you have become aware of yourself. In this way, many of your behaviors that once made life difficult for you and made life seem like a struggle will vanish into thin air.

1. Life is a struggle when you let yourself be stressed unnecessarily

You understand that all of human life on this planet is nothing more than a drama. As if you were watching a theater performance, you are also looking at life. You know deep down that it's not real. Just a wonderful spectacle that you want to experience alive.

This disappears the unrealistic seriousness with which you faced life before you awakened. So there is no reason to let other people stress you. You are aware that only you yourself make the decision to succumb to stress and view life as a struggle or not.

2. Life is a struggle when you judge and blame others

With condemnation and accusation, before awakening, you blamed others and made life a struggle. Now you understand that guilt doesn't exist. It is an unnecessary, man-made concept that is used to create a "guilty conscience" in other people.

You recognized this nonsense in the awakened state. There is no longer any reason to blame, hate or fight against life. You just recognize that everything has its origin that may trigger something in you. You accept what it dissolves in you and with it you come into lively contact.

3. Life is a struggle if you always want to be right

In the awakened state you understand that the truth lies beyond “right” and “wrong”. You also understand that each person is at their own point in spiritual development. So there is no reason to assert your own opinion as "correct". In this mechanism, you only recognize a part of yourself: it is a needy part that longs for approval and approval. You understand that you can only heal this part by loving yourself.

4. Life is a struggle when you lie and pretend

Since you are in contact with the deeper truth of life in the awakened state, it is impossible to lie or unnecessarily disguise yourself. The deeper truth extends over your entire life and is thus expressed. Sometimes it seems really radical, but it comes from the heart.

You can now clearly distinguish between the deeper truth that you live and the worldly roles that you live day after day. You understand that you take on the roles temporarily in order to participate in social life as a person. But you also know that you are not these roles.

5. Life is a struggle when you do things to get something from others

When you awaken and recognize yourself, you will learn of your true nature and your true strength. You experience yourself and see that everything is already within you, that you are an inexhaustible source. There is then no longer any reason to do things for a specific purpose, such as money, recognition, affirmation, prestige, fame or honor.

The only reason you are still doing is because of your inner impulse of rightness and the joy you feel while doing it.

6. Life is a struggle when you rise above others

When you wake up, you will see your inferiority in all thoughts that directly or subtly rise above other people. You no longer give energy to these thoughts and instead feel your wounds from the past that want to be healed with love.

7. Life is a struggle when you submit to others

Upon awakening, you step out of the human drama and gain a new perspective. From this perspective there is no longer an “I have to / should”. There is no longer a fight in life either. You don't feel compelled to do anything anymore. You can still work for other people, of course, but you don't submit. You meet everyone at eye level. You do it because you want to do it right now. From the moment when it no longer makes sense to you all along the line, you begin to change your life.

How you can deal with it now

If you now get the idea to just let go of these behaviors in order to have a more comfortable life, that's nice, but not the truth.

If you want to support your awakening and take something away from this article, then recognize yourself in these behaviors. Become aware of this without acting out the impulses and fighting against life. It is primarily about the consciousness that unfolds in you as a result.

It works Not about optimizing your behavior to become a more sociable person. That is not the truth that you are. True love is automatically unfolded and radiated into this world from you when you recognize yourself.

Do you also sometimes think that life is a struggle? In which behaviors do you recognize yourself and which have you already overcome? Tell me about your experiences in the comments or ask me your questions about "Life is a struggle".

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