What a social worker you are

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There are over 60 different fields of work for social workers at Diakonie - from debt counseling to street social work to accommodation for refugees. One of the more recent areas of application is career start-up support, as many young people nowadays have problems transitioning between school and work. In addition, there is “social work in the Kiez”, as the trend is towards no longer accommodating old people or people with disabilities in isolated facilities. Instead, you want to let them participate in society.

Maja Schäfer

Photo: Laurin Schmid

At least a bachelor's degree in social work is required to get a job. It is important to decide on a field of work as early as possible during your studies. The practical assignments can be used to gain professional experience and contacts in various institutions in this area, because a lot of value is placed on relevant professional experience. You also need to be interested in the law, because social work is not just about working with people, you also have to be well versed in the social code books. Belonging to the Protestant Church is not necessarily a prerequisite for employment. This is handled differently for each agency and each diaconal organization.
Social workers can train to become a deacon at the Diakonie. Subject-specific master’s courses such as intensive pedagogy are also possible. Or, if the career is to go in the direction of facility management, a master's degree in social affairs.