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19 July 2017

PX cheat ads

I am appalled by how many people consider their old Peugeot racing or racing bike PX-10, the top model of yesteryear. Or pretend ignorance: "Sell Peugeot. PX-10?"

Today's look at eBay classifieds reveals 12 PX-10s, only two of which deserve the name. This is probably why this advertisement on eBay classifieds was created, with the best of educational intent:
No typo: I am specifically offering "advice" (not: "bike") on the subject of the Peugeot PX-10.
When looking through all the ads that are headed with "PX-10", I, as a former dealer, immediately noticed that almost none of these bikes is a real PX-10. Sure, there are nice bikes there, but a real PX-10 has it always the following characteristics:

1. Half-chrome fork and half-chrome rear end
2. No soldering-on parts such as pump holders, cable guides or bottle holders. Only the shift lever clamp has a soldered stop, and the shift cable for the rear derailleur also has a soldered guide.

With these two simple criteria, which apply to all PXs up to around 1977, you can identify 95% of all models advertised as PX as NOT-PX and save a lot of money.

If you are still unsure, please contact me and I will tell you for a donation of 5 euros that goes to the World Bicycle (I regularly donate complete bikes for Zambia) whether your bike is a real one PX-10 acts.

I even tell you free of charge, it annoys me so much how rogue people are driven here with supposedly precious wheels. Nevertheless, I would be happy if you would donate something.

I just bought a 1971 PX-10 because my own bikes from that time have long since found other owners. You can find a picture of the unrestored bike attached. Except for the saddle, this bike is in its original condition and is not for sale.

Again: don't be fooled. Not every black and white Peugeot racing bike is a PX-10.
Peugeot is a little to blame for this misery, after all, they neglected to put nameplates on the wheels. The type codes could only be obtained from brochures and dealer catalogs, the only thing on the bike was "Peugeot", supplemented by effective advertising stickers such as "Inoxydable", "Champion du Monde" or "Record du Monde", which tempted the simpler minds to think of theirs newly acquired Record you moons to speak, although it is actually a PA-LE with Record you moonsSticker acted.

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