Why are Brazilians so stereotypically happy and friendly

We introduce ourselves: Fabio Brito, platform development

As a Brazilian, what do you miss here in Stuttgart?

There is the stereotype that Germans would be more closed, but I never had that experience. Everyone was always friendly and helpful. Even so, in Brazil we are more used to talking to strangers. It's rather unusual here, so it's a little harder to meet new people. What I definitely miss is the beach. I haven't been there too often, but the feeling of being close to the beach and the sea is something nice.

Could you outline your journey to Laserhub?

After graduating in IT, I moved more and more towards management. I had worked for a large online retailer in Brazil, but wanted bigger challenges in higher positions in a smaller company. So I went to Mexico and co-founded an online decoration and furniture store. There I was responsible for technology and order processing. The latter was new to me, so the time was accordingly instructive. After two years, I decided to do my master's in business. I studied in Singapore and France and then wanted to work in Europe. So I was looking for a tech start-up to work in product development as that fits my background in computer engineering and management.

What is your position at Laserhub now?

It is very important that the product follows Laserhub's vision and strategy. My main task as “Head of Product” is to guarantee this connection. In addition, I am the “Product Owner” for the customer perspective on our platform. So I am responsible for the whole process until the customer sends his order. We work inScrum process, that means, together with the team, I define what needs to be done and optimized and the developers work on implementation and implementation in a short “sprint”. The adjustment is then tested and analyzed and the next sprint begins. It's a cycle.