What other chemicals smell like chlorine?

There is a smell of chlorine in the air

Large-scale operation over twelve hours for the fire brigade on Saturday in the "Wallachei" in Bad Laasphe. Around 100 workers from all over Wittgenstein moved to the "beehive". A chemical reaction had occurred in the electroplating shop at EJOT that morning. There was a strong smell of chlorine in the area. While working with a container for industrial chemicals, chlorine gas was generated for an unexplained cause. The fire brigade closed the container to prevent further spread of the pungent smelling gas.

The chemical container was in danger of bursting as the substance inside kept reacting. Rescue workers with heavy chemical suits tried to divide the almost 1000 liters of the liquid into different containers and to neutralize it with another chemical. That failed. The liquid was then diluted further and further before it was transported away by a specialist company.

An EJOT employee was rushed to hospital with suspected chlorine gas poisoning. There was no danger to the population, assured fire department chief Dirk Höbener and EJOT spokesman Andreas Wolf in an interview with Radio Siegen. The EJOT company thanked the volunteer fire brigade from Bad Laasphe and the Wittgenstein ABC train for their support and exemplary commitment, which was characterized by prudence and professionalism.

Chemical containers were about to burst