Are the Borgias real?

Medieval epic Borgia: Here the dying Pope drinks real breast milk

It is a journey through time into darkness. And here we see the first pictures ...


The six-part medieval epic, which will run on ZDF on Monday (8.15 p.m.), lasts ten TV hours. It is the partly true story of the power-hungry Borgia family who provided two popes in the 15th century.

The film leaves nothing out. The images full of sex and naked violence are disturbing ...

In the first episode, Udo Kier (67), the terminally ill Pope, sucks on a bare chest for seconds. Everything in close-up. Kier is an actor, the Pope is wrong, of course - but the breast milk, from which a few drops can also be seen, is real.


Kier to BILD: “Yes, the breast was real and so was the breast milk. But I don't remember how it tasted because it was so little - but it wasn't about getting full, but about making the film good. "

He didn't feel any disgust.

“Production has already asked who the woman is and whether she is healthy.” Incidentally, according to Kier, drinking breast milk was nothing special in the Middle Ages. “They were given to old, sick men so that they could regain their strength. Breast milk is an innocent, pure meal! "

“Borgia” is set in the darkest Middle Ages - and you can see that.

Already in the first of the six parts, cholera sufferers are smeared with pig excrement. Ears are cut off, blood is drunk. Again and again torture and sex.

In addition to Kier, other German stars such as Andrea Sawatzki (48) also play in the production, which will cost more than 25 million euros and will run in 40 countries.

“Borgia” is great cinema on TV. Too hard for the main evening program?

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