What films taught you so many lessons

Don't let a mirror rule your life and never judge a book by its cover - Disney Princesses taught us more for life than most people remember. A little reminder:

Disney films always have at least one important lesson for us. With modern films in particular, there are even two levels - one for adults and one for children. We find some lessons in almost every Disney movie: Animals (or talking teapots) are the best friends you can have, and if life is bad for you, just start spontaneously singing about it and things will get better. But there are also things that our heroines taught us individually. And no matter how old you are, you can still learn something from these eight beautiful and tough animated women:

Snow white

  • Having a solid group of good friends is very important. The princess suggests seven, but it will certainly work with one more or less!
  • Never accept food (or drinks!) From strangers.
  • The (housework) work is a lot more fun when you whistle.
  • Don't let a mirror rule your life.


  • Don't let bullying get you down.
  • Hard work pays off.
  • Organize a safe way home, if possible in a means of transport that does not turn into a pumpkin.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

  • Just stay away from spinning wheels, these things are dangerous.
  • Beauty sleep is important, but don't overdo it.
  • If you want to look graceful and delicate during your nap, just take a rose to bed with you.
  • Never underestimate the power of a great kiss - true love wins.


  • In a hairstyle emergency, you can also use a Dingelhopper instead of a brush. Sorry, of course we meant "a fork."
  • Your voice is powerful, much more powerful than you think.
  • Parents can be a little overprotective at times, but most of the time they only have our best on their minds.
  • Curiosity can lead to great opportunities.


  • Never judge a book by its cover. Appearances could be deceptive.
  • If you run into a guy who eats five dozen eggs every morning to "bulk up," he is very likely to be a self-indulgent villain.
  • Beauty comes from within - you have to get to know people properly.
  • Reading, intelligence, and independence are incredibly sexy.


  • Stealing is not okay.
  • Tigers are fantastic pets.
  • Don't let anyone push you around - you are a princess!
  • Traveling the world can change your life.


  • Nature belongs to itself.
  • Grandmothers are very wise even if they live in a tree.
  • Follow your heart and remember: you are never too old to have fun.
  • If you walk in the footsteps of a stranger, "then you understand and you will learn something more".
  • Never lose hope, something is always waiting for us just around the next bend in the river.


  • The family comes first.
  • Women are at least as strong as men.
  • "Let's get down to business" is a wonderful work motto.
  • You don't have to be "sweet, obedient, nimble and hardworking, clever and slim" to bring honor to your house. You just have to be yourself.

So next time life is mean to you, stay calm and watch a Disney movie.