What is forbidden love

It was almost forgotten. But that's right, the baggage cart. As Julia von Anstetten and Jan Brandner in the first episode of Forbidden love Crumpled up at the airport in 1995, it wasn't just heart-wrenching. The baggage cart crash was also the start of a 20-year soap opera success story that had almost three million viewers a day at the end of the 1990s.

Nobility, power, intrigue, glamor and of course affairs Forbidden love from - and always a bit more noble and elegant than Marienhof, the more down-to-earth forerunner in the evening program. But in the end it was always not allowed to be the great love, the one or the other interest of love therefore always turned out to be a missing relative - mostly a twin. In the final episode five years ago, two half-siblings smooched in the elevator who of course knew nothing about their relatives.

And so it is not surprising that the "Next Generation", as TV Now calls the new edition with ten episodes, continues in this tradition. And in the media library operated by RTL, the once public service soap finally comes to life, so to speak.

Everything starts again at the airport. A young woman, her name is Josefin Reinhardt, drives up to a young man with her luggage cart. Short stumble, whoops, it lands on her suitcase, long look in the eyes - wait and see how quickly they find each other.

For Clarissa von Anstetten: "I have no regrets"

Because the stumbling block is Alexander Verhoven, son of the fashion entrepreneur Robert Verhoven, whom Heinz Hoenig embodies in a full and arrogant manner. He lives with his family at Königsbrunn Palace, where the noble Lahnstein family once resided. And one of them wants to go back there: In the first episode, Ansgar von Lahnstein, a nasty and scheming snob, is released from prison, but is aware that "nobody is counting on me". Series beast Clarissa von Anstetten with the precisely cut bob hairstyle is also in the new one Forbidden love back, even if she is visibly bruised and pale on the beach, while she sums up off-screen with her feet in the surf: "I have no regrets."

But there is no rest either. Four years ago, Verhoven's family business bought Clarissa's company LCL, and now the scheming Countess doesn't have much time to revise that. The unsuspecting Josefin Reinhardt invites her to the upcoming company party in the castle courtyard of Königsbrunn. But Charlie Schneider, bistro owner and former best friend of the scheming Countess, knows in the party line: "Clarissa is planning something. She is always planning something." Of course the countess is planning something.

And so the summer festival is not only a showcase of the Düsseldorf TV haute-volée between salmon sandwiches and champagne, but also a setting for a visually stunning cliff hanger. After all, Ansgar von Lahnstein made the sign of the cross when he was looking for the whiskey hidden there in the castle chapel. And with a cigar in the corner of his mouth he finally whispers: "Clarissa von Anstetten - you bitch." Note: A helicopter crash doesn't have to be the end either. And there is always a missing twin lurking somewhere.

Forbidden love - next generation, on TV Now, ten episodes, every Monday.

Note d. Ed .: In an earlier version, Julia Sander was mentioned, as well as the von Lahnsteins being the noble family of the first season. Both were wrong. Julia was called von Anstetten and her family, the von Anstetten family, was the noble family of the first season, but did not reside at Königsbrunn Palace, but at Friedenau Palace.

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