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Fashion tips for men over 50

Men who have passed the middle of life do not have to resort to stale clothes for a long time. Even with the right basics and tricks, men over 50 can dress in a fashion-conscious and trendy way. Let our fashion tips inspire you.

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Above: shirts, sweaters and shirts

First a small preliminary remark: When we meet people in everyday life, their first glance usually does not fall on our clothes. First of all, the focus is on hair and face. It is therefore worth knowing a few care tips for men, because they can create a good basis for an impeccable look. Now the style journey begins with outerwear. For men aged 50 and over, basics such as polo shirts, short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts and chunky sweaters are recommended.

  • At Polo shirts the collar enhances the overall impression because it looks more serious. At the same time, the soft fabrics don't leave a formal touch, but rather a casual and sporty look. Plain-colored polo shirts without print or eye-catching embroidery are particularly popular. Watch out: raised collars are a no-go. They seem artificial and suggest that men in the second half of life cannot come to terms with their age.
  • Shirts are also good for everyday looks and business outfits. At work, it is better to choose a long-sleeved shirt even in warmer temperatures, as the short-sleeved models quickly look a bit too casual. If it gets hot in summer, airy fabrics such as linen, hemp or light cotton can help. When it comes to short-sleeved shirts, both plain-colored models and those with a pattern are popular. Large-format checks in particular go well with the leisure look, but other prints, as shown by, are also well received. Tip: Shirts that are too tight make even slim men look unsportsmanlike and do not feel good. A shirt should always offer freedom of movement and not be too tight. In everyday life it can also flutter a little.
  • Last but not least, completed Chunky the best clothing for men over 50. On cool days, thick cable knit sweaters look very stylish. Combined with beautiful jeans, they arouse feelings of cosiness and give the look a soft and likeable note. Great colors for chunky sweaters: cream, dark blue, brown, olive and purple.

The jacket as an everyday all-rounder

Jackets look formal. For a long time they could only be seen in offices or on special occasions. However, that should change as soon as possible, because jackets can be supplemented with sporty clothing in everyday life and thus "down-dressed". In no time at all, the outfit looks casual and serious at the same time. The 2019 flat caps also go great with the jacket.
A jacket should always be worn open during leisure time. Polo shirts, simple T-shirts or fine-knit sweaters and well-fitting shirts fit under this. Here you can play with the colors. The jacket should be in darker tones such as gray, anthracite, brown or dark blue, while sweaters, shirts and co. Can be trendy and colorful.

These pants create a casual look

Some fashion experts have been trying for a long time to put an end to a very dubious trend, very tight men's trousers. The magazine Bellevue of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung has even published a whole plea for further models. Pants with a tube look or those in which the leg hardly enjoys any freedom are absolutely not suitable for fashion-conscious Ü-men.

  • Fortunately, there is a wide range of alternatives. Loose fitting Jeans in dark denim are perfect for everyday wear and can be combined with all of the basics mentioned so far. They can easily be upgraded or combined casually so that just one pair of pants can generate numerous different looks.
  • If you like it a little more serious, it is best to use it Chinos. These casually cut trousers with the characteristic pockets on the buttocks could be the child of jeans and suit trousers. It combines the advantages of both models without compromising on style. The nice thing is that chinos are available in both short and long forms. Recommended colors are beige, brown, light gray and bordeaux. Tip: If you like to wear shorts, you should be careful with your socks. They better not flash out because that can ruin even the most stylish outfit. Men are optimally equipped with special ankle socks.
  • Corduroy trousers radiate cosiness and a rustic overall appearance. They have been celebrating a small revival for some time and are good for everyday outfits. The cord structure should not be too coarse. It is better to use fine cord. It looks velvety and not «rural».

Shoes: That goes down well

With outerwear and trousers, the outfit is almost complete. Nevertheless, there is now a category that can determine the overall appearance: the shoes. Incorrectly selected, they create a style break that irritates the other person.

However, three shoe variants are perfect for men over fifty who do not want to worry every day whether the shoe and outfit go together: sailing shoes, fabric sneakers and brogues.

Each of these variants has the advantage that they do not appear youthful and yet dynamic. Sailing shoes go well with chinos or jeans, Fabric sneakers can be worn in the right colors for practically any look.
With Budapesters Men choose a shoe model that attracts attention with its handsome lyric perforation and heel. The straight lasts give the shoe a shape that is not too dominant and that also fits into everyday life. Brogues with casual jeans or corduroy trousers add value to the outfit and therefore also go perfectly with the business look.

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