Is cycling a remedy for back pain?

Back and cycling




Back problems due to weak back and abdominal muscles?


Our muscles always need a counterpart so that they can do their work. For example, our biceps need the triceps as a counterpart and our back muscles need the abdominal muscles. The back and abdominal muscles stabilizes and positions the spine and pelvis. It holds the head and enables us to walk upright. It also cushions shocks.


Due to the hunchback, the intervertebral discs of the cervical and lumbar vertebrae are strongly compressed. In addition, the neck is strongly hyperextended to see straight ahead.


Around Lumbar problems To avoid it, it is important to tilt the pelvis slightly forward. The back muscles thus bring the spine into its natural S-shape. A slight hollow back forms.

The head sits straight and is not hyperextended behind the neck. Because of the tension in the back, part of the upper body is supported by the muscles of the back The shoulders and hands are relieved.



The spine comes out due to the slight tilting of the pelvis
in your natural S-shape.


Pedaling feeds our intervertebral discs


The pelvis is moved slightly back and forth through the pedaling movement. This means that the intervertebral discs are supplied with nutrients by alternating pressure and relief. It works like a sponge. The intervertebral discs do not have their own nutrient supply.


Back pain can be avoided while cycling


With these 7 tips you can prevent back problems.


  1. the correct saddle height and incline
  2. Distance and height of the saddle and handlebars
  3. the pelvis tilting forward
  4. the right frame size
  5. Riding in the saddle (standing)
  6. change the grip position on the handlebars by changing your grip
  7. targeted use of different muscle groups

If you have severe symptoms, you should definitely consult a doctor or physiotherapist.


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