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Values ​​/ change in values

Measurable values
Everyone has something that is of value to them, that is important and useful to them. If you think about it, you realize how diverse the meaning of the word “value” is. The apartment, the bicycle, the smartphone and many other things have value. This is the amount of money that you have to pay when buying or get when selling. Everything that can be measured has a value: the height of a mountain, the distance to the moon or the time it takes a person to walk over a hundred meters. This value can be determined in minutes and seconds, in meters, kilometers or in another way. One then speaks of an "objective" value. This means that this value can be understood by everyone, it does not depend on a personal evaluation.
Human values
But there are many values ​​that depend on a person's personal assessment. These are so-called subjective values. That can be friendship, taste, beauty and many other things. Such values ​​have to do with feeling. Therefore it cannot be measured precisely. Religion, a good conscience, human rights and the constitution are also values ​​that cannot be measured in terms of values. If you look under the keyword ethics, you will find several terms that contain “value” and “values”.
Change in values
Sometimes you also hear the word "changing values". This means a change that takes place within a society over a long period of time. For example, obedience and the fulfillment of duties used to play a very important role in bringing up children. Today values ​​have changed and education for independence and a sense of responsibility is seen as particularly important. Sometimes when values ​​change, values ​​that were considered obsolete regain importance. Studies show that young people today again consider hard work and ambition to be important, which for a while was viewed as out of date. When attitudes and views have changed in many people, a change in values ​​has occurred. This leads to new attitudes, politicians and parties are elected who represent these values ​​and ensure that some laws are also changed.

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