How healthy is grouper

gourmet Grouper: Aromatic catch

A grouper feels most comfortable in warm and tropical coastal regions - the animals up to two meters in size are also at home in reefs. The fish can be recognized, among other things, by the longer lower jaw and a large dorsal fin. The powerful part of the body can run across the entire back.

Buy grouper

The price for a grouper is relatively high, as the fish like to make themselves scarce. Groupers stay away from schools of fish and are only caught accidentally in trawls as solitary animals. Or they are targeted, which drives up the price. You can buy groupers whole or pre-portioned from your trusted fishmonger. You will probably opt for fresh and not frozen goods. Then you should cook and prepare the animal on the same day. Otherwise, the fish, which smells relatively pleasant to a sea creature fresh, must be frozen immediately.

Prepare grouper: remove skin

When you prepare the fish, size also matters. Small specimens, for example, taste best when they are steamed or baked whole in foil. The sea fish can of course also be cooked in the pan or on a grill. However, you should remove the skin, which would otherwise significantly spoil the tasty taste. The fish itself already tastes very aromatic and should only be supplemented with mild herbs and spices. Vegetables and potatoes or rice are suitable as side dishes.