How much do partial dentures cost

Partial denture for teeth - types, areas of application and cost

For transitional periods: the plastic partial denture

In order to close tooth gaps immediately, a very simple and inexpensive partial denture made of plastic is often made. This temporary solution is also known as an interim or provisional solution. The supporting and holding elements of such plastic partial prostheses are prefabricated and can then be bent so that they serve as holding clips. The denture is then attached to the remaining teeth.

Since simple clasp dentures are pressed into the sensitive oral mucosa by the pressure of biting and chewing, they damage the gums or the tooth bed of the abutment teeth considerably in the long term. If they are worn over a long period of time, this damage can lead to the remaining teeth being destroyed or loosening and having to be pulled.

For this reason, simple partial dentures made of plastic are not suitable for permanent removable dentures, but always represent a compromise. They are used, for example, to bridge the waiting time until any wounds and inflammations have healed completely or implants have grown in firmly.

If it is foreseeable that the remaining teeth will also have to be extracted in the near future, the temporary plastic partial dentures will later be replaced by full dentures.