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Do you want to earn money online instead of tormenting yourself in traffic jams or in overcrowded commuter trains to work every morning? Many online jobs only offer a nice additional income. But there are also online jobs with which you can make a living completely.

This way of earning money is often used by freelancers or sideline entrepreneurs. But the online industry is diverse. Here you will be introduced to 10 selected jobs, what an online job is and how you can earn money online.


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  • 1. Blogger
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  • 3. YouTuber
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  • 4. Programmer
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  • 8. Pro-gamer
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What is an online job?

Most professions these days involve working more or less with the internet. Some activities are dependent on the connection with the World Wide Web and a few special ones are based directly on offers or functionalities in the network. A clear dividing line can usually not be drawn.

Work anywhere

The lifestyle of some industries, especially in marketing, the media and journalism, includes a way of working that does not require an office. With a laptop, a camera or a recording device and a W-LAN connection, projects and reports can also be sent to the editorial office at airports, in Internet cafés and with friends, or uploaded to your own website.

This means that you do not have to worry about inventory or the maintenance of tools or documents. Thanks to extensive options for storing data in the cloud, i.e. independently of your own device, in extreme cases you don't even need personal hardware. All you have to do is look for a computer and get started.

Work anytime

The internet never sleeps. It has no opening times or holidays. That's why you can do business, disseminate information and make money here at any time. Thanks to networking, you are in contact with all time zones in the world and can therefore offer time-based services around the clock. An example?

As a Personal Remote Assistant, you can deliver a summary of company news from the USA to a customer in Germany at 8 a.m. and, a few hours later, do the same with news from Germany for a customer in the USA.

Earn without doing anything

The advertising revenue generated from clicks on banners and other ads is one of the largest sources of income on the internet. If you have a page or other offer that offers advertising, you will earn money from it even when you are not working on it.

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1. Blogger

Amateurs and professional journalists who offer information on a wide variety of topics on the Internet benefit from the advertising income. You write about fashion, lifestyle, everyday tips and special topics.

The more people interested, the more people will come to your site and may also click on advertisements that have been placed there. In addition, certain content can be offered to paying customers.

Successful bloggers also benefit from the attention of the industry they are reporting on. Depending on the topic, you will receive review copies of books, product samples or advance information. Learn more

Connect sources of income

Often times, an online job is just one of several sources of income. A blogger who writes on a specific topic may also be invited as a speaker to events or give seminars himself.

In addition to the income from advertising clicks and subscribers to the Internet offer, e-books, downloads and webinars can be offered for a fee.

2. Telecommuting and home office

Some companies make it possible that you never have to show up in the office despite a permanent employment contract. This is possible in industries where there is no need for on-site infrastructure or joint work materials.

This saves resources, but requires a lot of trust and discipline. Perhaps you can make your job more pleasant by switching to an online job from home all or on a few days? This is ideal for translators, programmers or consultants, for example. Learn more

Requirements for an online job

To be successful online, you need a certain amount of self-discipline. When you're constantly online, there are thousands of temptations just a click away. As long as you can manage your workload, you can watch as many cat videos as you want, but it's hard not to get procrastinated. Make sure that you consciously separate breaks, working hours and free time!

Most of the time, you have to take care of all aspects of your job. From data security to customer service to invoices. This requires extensive knowledge.

3. YouTuber

Your engaging personality or the topic you want to report on may suggest that you offer certain information as a video. Various video platforms are available for this, which either generate advertising income or are only accessible to paying visitors.

A classic example of this way of making money on the Internet are the countless Internet offers for adults. Learn more

Recognize legitimate online jobs

It's hard to spot black sheep on the Internet who lure unsuspecting users with empty promises. On the other hand, if there is little money in the till, you don't want to miss any offer with which you can easily earn money. But when in doubt, that's still better than falling for a fraudster.

Therefore, never make large advance payments for training documents, seminars or the like. Ask for! Ideally also with independent bodies such as the local consumer advice center. Research how long a client has been around and what experiences others have had with him. Debunking scammers is one of the most important skills you need to get an online job.

4. Programmer

No new communication device can do without the right apps. Well-known manufacturers such as Apple or Microsoft offer everyone the opportunity to make applications available in the respective shop if they meet certain quality criteria.

Due to the huge target group, it is relatively easy to earn money with comparatively little effort. You don't even have to reinvent the wheel. Often they are simple games to pass the time and buy millions of them.

As already mentioned, you can also work as a freelancer or in the home office for a software company. Learn more

The dream of an online job on the beach

To live the life of a digital nomad, you have to be a special type of person. A regular office routine may seem stuffy, but in the long run it is often just safer, less stressful and more lucrative.

Working in a large company doesn't always mean that you have to forego certain freedoms completely. In return, you get the advantages that occupational safety law, works councils and company-specific perks offer you.

The good life as a freelancer is usually just a dream. In reality, the most beautiful beach loses its charm when the Skype conference with the customer is constantly hooked and the wind blows sand into the keyboard.

5. Online retailers

The internet is the largest marketplace there is. Highly professional sellers cavort here alongside occasional flea market dealers. This offers you the opportunity to build up a second mainstay as an online retailer or to help your shop become more successful.

Specialized shop systems such as etsy or eBay are available to you. But you can also set up your own online shop, which is specially tailored to your needs and those of your customers.

Through so-called affiliation programs, it is possible that you only act as a middleman who does not have to take care of the sales process or shipping. You will receive a share in the profit for every customer who has come to the decision to buy a product through your offer on the Internet. Learn more

6. Online brokers

Trading in what is arguably its purest form can be found with online stock traders. Most online banks offer their customers the opportunity to trade stocks and money products independently for a fee.

So-called day trading makes it possible to achieve profits every day that are out of proportion to the workload. But just as quickly you can run into high losses if you are not careful.

Stock trading is one of the areas that was only made possible in its current form thanks to the Internet. The myth of the clever trader with his infallible system is often used to make fraudulent offers. Keep your hands off it and better get some experience with a sample portfolio before you go 'all in'! Learn more

7. Online lawyer

With a sound legal education in media law and international regulations, the Internet can be a real paradise, because hardly any other place offers so many opportunities for administrative offenses and violations of the law.

Third-party content is incessantly used, personal rights are violated or false information is given. As a lawyer, you have the option of representing the injured party, issuing warnings or demanding compensation. Or you can stand up against the black sheep in the industry and put a stop to warning lawyers.

Most Internet users do not realize that they are acting on a knife edge every time they upload or download content. Your expertise is therefore very much in demand!

8. Pro-gamer

For most people, playing and working are two incompatible concepts. But just as there are professional athletes, there are also professional players who make money on the Internet. The business models depend on the game in question.

The most traditional way to make money playing games is to win prize money playing online games as well. Popular competitive games are important enough that they attract sponsors who provide prize money for regional or national championships.

Possibility two is the so-called gold farming: You develop certain in-game resources, skills or characters and sell these on to other players.

A third option is to play cash games such as online poker. Learn more

9. Consultant

Many products and services that are offered online require explanation. Instead of reading long explanations, some customers prefer to seek personal advice. That is why large companies have account managers and consultants who specifically respond to questions from online customers.

Consultants are also used in a variety of ways. They take care of the acquisition, look after existing customers or provide assistance with a wide variety of questions on a freelance basis. This is how you can turn your skills as a language teacher, financial advisor or coach into your new online job. Learn more

10. Online journalist

Newspapers and magazines can no longer do without an online editorial team that puts content online and reacts promptly to new developments. The journalist profession has also changed with the triumph of the Internet.

It has become easier to offer content independently of a specific news service and to find a buyer for niche topics. In addition, the Internet has been added as a separate department. Learn more

How Much Money Can You Make On The Internet?

Anyone who combines several web offers that generate sales through advertising income with further orders, seminars and projects can bring it to several thousand euros per month. But you have to keep in mind that it takes a long start-up phase or some investments to get to this point.

This also applies to bloggers, YouTubers and other content providers. Only those who are known enough generate enough clicks so that the cents add up to a significant source of income.

Step by step to the online job

The advantage of most online jobs is that you don't have to jump into the deep end immediately. You can look after your web shop after work, put new content online and gradually expand this pillar. Since you have practically no investment costs, this is financially completely risk-free.

At a certain size, the different types of content on the Internet start to support each other. Fans of your blog watch your videos, visitors to your website buy your offers, and so on.

And with a little luck, your offers will be so popular that they will become a sure-fire success. You then only have to take care of maintenance.

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