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Conan O'Brien was born on April 18, 1963, the son of a medical professor and a lawyer. He is the third of six children and grew up with his family in a small suburb of Boston. After graduating from high school, O'Brien attended Harvard University to study literature and history. Already there he recognized his comedic talent, but did not look for the stage as the primary place to act out, but wrote for the satirical magazine "Harvard Lampoon", for which he also took over the office of president.

After graduating magna cum laude from Harvard, he moved to Los Angeles to join the writing team for Not Necessarily the News, which aired on HBO. He worked for the show for two years, performing with various improvisation companies, including the renowned "The Groundlings". However, since this was not enough to make a living, he also worked for Informercials.

Eventually, he joined Fox's The Wilton North Report, where he was supposed to be the starter and writer, but the show was so poorly received by audiences that it was canceled after just four weeks.

In 1998 he was finally hired as a sketch writer for "Saturday Night Live". For three years he shaped the show with sketches that still enjoy cult status today. He also wrote some episodes for "The Simpsons" and worked there as a producer.

However, O'Brien didn't really become famous until 1993, when David Letterman left NBC and took his hit Tonight Show with him. NBC desperately needed a new late-night show and after a major casting and test show finally hired O'Brien. His "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" became a fixture on NBC's programming over the next few years, and O'Brien rose to fame overnight.

In 2009 he finally took over the "Tonight Show" of the outgoing Jay Leno and handed the scepter for the Late Night Show on NBC to Jimmy Fallon. Just a year later, there was a disagreement between O'Brien and the broadcaster and O'Brien dropped. At the time, the broadcaster had to pay the moderator a compensation payment of $ 33 million.

O'Brien then moved to TBS, where he was the host of the show "Conan".

In 2002, O'Brien married advertising executive Elizabeth Powell. The couple have two children together. In addition to his work for television, he is often involved in political causes and works in various foundations. In 2011 he was ordained as a priest in order to be able to perform marriages between same-sex partners. For example, he trusted a couple from his team from the show "Conan".

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2010 - 2014Conan (TV) as Moderator
Original title: Conan (TV)
2009 - 2010The Tonight Show With Conan O'Briean as Moderator
Original title: The Tonight Show With Conan O'Briean
1993 - 2009Late Night With Conan O'Brien as Moderator
Original title: Late Night With Conan O'Brien
1992 - 1993The Simpsons (TV) as Author, producer
Original title: The Simpsons (TV)
1991Saturday Night Live (TV) as author
Original title: Saturday Night Live (TV)