What are you going to do next Sunday

You can do it all as a single on Sunday

The five days between Monday and Friday were varied. On Saturday, not only did you go to the gym well, but you finally filled your fridge and paid all the bills. In the evening you meet up with your girls and move around the houses.

And then comes Sunday morning. You wake up with a slight hangover. Alone! Your phone also stays silent, because your friends are all members of the "Happy Couple" club on Sundays and have no time for you.

And while all social media users start filling their feeds with the infamous “Tomorrow is Monday again” posts, you get the Sunday blues!




There is no rude awakening than

Single on Sunday morning!



First of all, it is now for you: “Get out of bed!” Of course, it is nice and warm and cozy. But unfortunately also the place where you can wonderfully dissolve in self-pity. To avoid the single Sunday lows, you need to distract yourself. And then you'll find that being solo isn't that bad after all.


1. Treat yourself to a cultural program

From now on, Sunday is the cultural day for you. Many museums do not charge entry on the last day of the week. So what are you waiting for !? Get up, get dressed and off you go.

A visit to a museum educates you (knowledge is power and, by the way, damn sexy too) and your brain is so busy processing the new impressions that it has no time at all for a dreary mental cinema!


2. Be creative

Duchess Kate does, and so do millions of other people: Coloring books for adults are still a popular pastime.

In combination with an exciting radio play, you don't waste any more thought on the last Tinder guy who hosted you on Sundays.

Of course it doesn't have to be coloring books! With watercolors, watercolors, oil paints and even finger paints, you can let your creativity run free on a canvas.




3. Wellness program

Turn your bathroom into a beauty spa. You finally have the time and peace to pluck your eyebrows, recolor the roots and also for an extensive pedicure.

Trick 17: Take a hot shower or bath on Sunday afternoon after the wellness program. And put a hot water bottle - or a cat - under the duvet beforehand. Your bed has never been so cozy. And you're guaranteed to sleep through until Monday morning.



4. New series

A Sunday without appointments and obligations is the perfect day to start a new series. You can cheer for the protagonists undisturbed into the puppets or until the end of the season.

Our top 3 recommendations:

  1. Denver Clan (remake on Netflix)
  2. Velvet
  3. Supergirl



5. Prepare for the week

While on Sunday all couples are busy feeling sorry for each other because tomorrow is Monday again, you can prepare yourself perfectly and in peace for the coming week. What do you wear, when do you go to exercise, where do you meet your BFF for dinner. You can forge these plans perfectly on Sundays.

And one thing is certain: Preparation is everything and a well-organized Monday is a lot of fun!