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Erfurt is a city with more than 1250 years of authenticated and eventful history.

It has received many epithets over the centuries: the writer Arnold Zweig called it a “picture book of German history” and Martin Luther gave it the epithet “Erfordia turrita - Erfurt rich in towers”. The city has been hailed as the “Bologna of the North” because of its highly developed school system and its important university. The numerous bridges over the Gera earned it the nickname "Little Venice".

Erfurt - unmistakable characterizes this city. The early development of a town was favored, for example, by the exceptionally good traffic situation. At the intersection of old German and European trade routes, this encouraged lively, far-reaching trade at times. Merchants and craftsmen settled here. Erfurt achieved fame, wealth and influence because of the woad cultivation and trade with it. The old town center, which is worth seeing and experiencing, can still be guessed at today.

Successful trade, agriculture and horticulture were the impetus for the development of diverse craft guilds. The cultivation of watercress gave impetus to medicine. When woad had to give way to indigo at the beginning of the 18th century, the cultivation and sale of special crops and seeds determined economic life. Wool, cloth and leather production as well as metal crafts and mechanical engineering flourished.

Erfurt was and is a metropolis for agriculture and horticulture, trade and commerce, science and technology, modern industry and technology. A forge of clever politicians, humanities and economists, a podium for artists and athletes and the media.