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Buy cheap kitchens under 3000 euros

Buy cheap kitchens under 3000 euros

What is cheap

With "cheap" is meant the best possible price-performance ratio for a suitable kitchen. Because cheap and inferior is neither sustainable nor inexpensive. A good built-in kitchen can last 25 years, even if one or the other device has to be replaced safely during this time. So for those who are tied to a particular location and do not have to expect any changes, it is cheap to get as much long-lasting quality as possible for their budget.

If you expect to move again and again, you might be best equipped with a flexible modular kitchen. With such a life plan, it is not cheap to invest too much in a fitted kitchen. If only because apartments are offered again and again that already have a kitchen or whose floor plan is too different from the previous apartment.

So what is cheap can be very different. Good to know how to get good cuisine within your budget.

Most important factors: the size and function of the kitchen

A mini single kitchen can be almost luxurious for 3000 euros. For a family of four who like to cook and bake, such a kitchen budget is a sporting challenge.

Just the necessary cupboards for the utensils and supplies of a family who loves to cook can quickly blow this budget. At the same time, larger and possibly even more devices are required.

tip: If there is a pantry, supplies and rarely used kitchen utensils can be stored there on inexpensive shelves.

It is also difficult with odd or complicated floor plans with several doors, niches and the like. In such cases, inexpensive standard kitchen units are usually out of the question.

Made to measure from the kitchen studio, finished kitchen units and modular kitchens

In a kitchen studio, custom-made kitchens from the programs of well-known manufacturers are usually planned, manufactured and set up individually. This option is generally not available for a budget of less than 3000 euros.

On the other hand, there are ready-made kitchen units in this price segment with and without appliances. They are available from large furniture stores, hardware stores and mail order companies. Depending on the size and equipment, the complete set-up and connection of the kitchen are sometimes included for less than 3000 euros.

The term modular kitchens is understood to mean individual, free-standing elements, such as a sink module, a stove module, a cabinet module and so on. These modules are usually delivered pre-assembled and only need to be connected. They are available in all quality groups from the student to the high-end version.

Your advantage and savings potential lies in the fact that it is easier to take with you when you move and less time-consuming assembly and installation. In the case of brand series, additional modules can sometimes be added for years.

Top offers for kitchens

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Costs for measuring, planning, transport and assembly

Measuring, planning and setting up a kitchen are time-consuming. The provider can of course pay for that in one way or another.

While the costs for measuring are usually still low and are often taken into account when buying, the prices for planning are several hundred euros, which are only priced in at expensive bespoke kitchens. Costs that are noticeably eliminated, for example, with the low prices for ready-made kitchen units or complete kitchens. But even those who plan themselves can save when buying a kitchen - for example at a well-known Swedish furniture store.

When it comes to transport, on the other hand, you don't save too much by doing your own thing, since a kitchen usually cannot be transported in a car anyway and a rental van costs at least as much as delivery by the furniture store.

By building it yourself, you can often save between 140 and 210 euros per running meter of kitchen. Craftsmanship and a lot of care required, as the quality of the structure is crucial for the durability of the kitchen furniture.

tip - Connect devices: Many are overwhelmed with high-voltage current and water connections, in some cases necessary measures by private individuals are even forbidden. It is better to inquire in advance who will connect the appliances or whether a local craft business will take care of it when buying a kitchen.

Online kitchen planner

Some manufacturers and furniture stores offer online planners for different kitchen series. This not only saves planning costs, but also tests different layouts, fronts and colors. The financial implications of various decisions are immediately available.

If the plan is in place, the furniture store will review the design and provide feedback on any errors or forgotten options. In the next step you can simply order. Custom-fit for your own needs and in the best case also within the budget.

Pros and cons of complete kitchens and kitchen units

Various furniture stores, discounters and hardware stores offer kitchen units and complete kitchens for less than 3000 euros. It is worth considering where the layout and connections are reasonably compatible. It is important to be aware of all advantages and disadvantages and to clarify possible additional costs in advance.

  • existing devices often cannot be integrated
  • partly including delivery and assembly
  • Device quality usually rather simple
  • There are often well-known kitchen manufacturers behind the little-known brand names
  • individual adjustments can be expensive
  • watch out for hidden costs
  • the connection of electrical appliances is often not taken over
  • Long-term higher energy costs for less energy-efficient devices

In any case, all open questions and possibly hidden costs should be clarified in advance.

Tip: buy cabinets and appliances separately

Since the devices in the inexpensive complete offers are often very simple and not very energy-efficient, in case of doubt it is worthwhile to buy an inexpensive offer without devices and to purchase the devices separately. Good used equipment can also be integrated into the case.

New, used or exhibition item

Be careful with extremely cheap offers, as can be found online in some cases. There are actually offers for complete kitchenettes (without appliances) for less than 500 euros, which are also delivered free of charge. Inevitably, it is a question of barely load-bearing chipboard that is poorly coated with foil. Experience reports show that the holes often do not fit and that clear defects are already visible during assembly, which subsequently worsen quickly, such as hanging doors, sagging shelves, torn hinges. When it comes to spending as little as possible on a kitchen, there are other alternatives.

Anyone who is willing and able to dismantle and reassemble a used kitchen themselves can buy a good, extensive kitchen with appliances for less than 3,000 euros. It is relatively easy to equip it with new worktops and panels so that it can be built into your own kitchen to match. This is especially true for kitchen series, which are still offered unchanged on the market and can thus be supplemented.

Exhibition kitchens are neither new nor used, but they are as good as new. A question about such a copy in the kitchen studio or furniture store can be worthwhile. Exhibits are often offered for a drastically reduced price and can sometimes even be supplemented with parts from the series that are still available.

Savings potential for wardrobe interiors and pull-outs

Many comfort features of kitchens consist of pull-outs, seals and interior fittings of the cabinets. Things that can be retrofitted by hand with a little skill. Cutlery inserts are inexpensive in many sizes in stores. There are also various subdivisions for drawers and entire telescopic drawers with pull-out. In this way, simple base cabinets and drawers can be provided with a comfortable interior.

Unknown trademarks and affordable product lines from well-known manufacturers

Almost all well-known manufacturers such as Nolte, nobilia, Häcker and Schüller sell kitchens under relatively unknown brands. In terms of quality, they often hardly differ or not at all from the main brand. The name of these trademarks and who is behind them can always be researched on the Internet - with search terms such as "unknown brands of major kitchen manufacturers" and the like.

In some cases, however, there are also product lines under the main brand that are simpler and specially designed for smaller budgets. One example is nobilia elements - a series of modules from the market giant nobilia.

All large furniture stores also have product lines for different budgets and requirements. From the Spartan student version to the kitchen with a 25-year guarantee.

Tip: processing instead of buying new

If you have a fitted kitchen in which the cabinets are still completely in order, reprocessing can be a sensible, inexpensive alternative to buying a new one. New worktops, new fronts, a new sink and perhaps a few pull-outs instead of shelves create a significant upgrade. Then with a budget of 3,000 euros there is still enough left for one or the other new and energy-efficient device.

Pay attention to promotions, compare prices - negotiate discounts

Whether in brochures or online: there are ongoing sales campaigns with reduced prices that promise a significantly lower price. In many cases this is the case, in others the supposed promotional price is not lower than the usual sales price.

It is therefore an advantage to know the normal prices before buying a kitchen. Ideal when there is no time pressure and you can wait for a cheap offer. Sometimes even a temporary camping trip with a hotplate in the empty kitchen pays off.

If the price offered is only slightly above the planned budget, the question of a final cash price or a discount can certainly lead to success. Nobody should be afraid to approach a furniture seller with such a proposal.

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