Do people in Japan own dogs?

Bongo, the robot dog, is set to conquer Japanese households

Japan is the only country in the world where there are more and more pets. While the number of newborns has been shrinking for years, the number of cats and dogs is increasing.

Of course, there is not much of it to be seen on the streets of the big cities. Cats don't stand out as much as dogs. The number keeps increasing. Often the animals are treated like children and wrapped in blankets and coats so that they don't freeze.

In the big cities, however, pets tend to stay indoors and are rarely let out. Cats are also banned on many public roads as their legacies are considered unholy. Dogs are also more likely to be bred to look cute and sit next to their mistresses. Most domestic dogs are also not left out on the streets often.

Many people want pets

Many people in the big cities also want a pet to keep them company so they don't feel so lonely. But animal feed is not cheap in Japan. Dogs also tend to make noise when left alone, which in turn usually causes displeasure among the neighbors. Cats, on the other hand, are not all suitable for cuddling because they often have a will of their own.

People who would like to have a cute pet but shy away from it because of dirt, noise and the costs should take a look at “Oideyo Bongo” a robot dog that Bandai Namco produces together with Megahouse.

Robot dog for lonely city dwellers

Bongo is the latest in a long line of animal, battery-powered toys. At first glance, Bongo may look a little fake, because unfortunately you can still see the wheels under your feet, but still reacts to commands and does nothing better than to follow his master everywhere.

Dachshunds were chosen as a template for the robot dog, as a result of which it has an elongated physique, somewhat reminiscent of an accordion because it contracts and expands in this way. Bongo can wag his tail and prick up his ears when spoken to. At the same time, the little electronic guy can access a small repertoire of typical dog movements and is even able to bark at strangers. The price for the robot dog is currently 12,800 yen (104.50 euros), a real dog puppy in Japan often costs more than ten times as much.

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