Why is Russian cuisine not popular in India?

Russian cuisine: worth knowing

Russian cuisine loves sour food. There are pickled fruits and vegetables, sour cream, and sour soups. There is also a lot of rye bread, made of sourdough of course. But since sour is known to make fun, you experience a fun evening with a Russian meal with vodka.

Russia - vast country, harsh climate

The Russian cuisine is surprisingly uniform for the far-reaching Russia, which has different climatic and vegetation zones. Even in various other countries of the former Soviet Union, the cuisine is very similar and there are only minor regional differences. Russian cuisine is poor and rural in its origins, and even today the dishes are simple and nutritious. Traditionally, there is little meat on the table and the Lent of the Russian Orthodox Church stipulates different times of the year when meat is not allowed to be eaten.

Due to the continental climate in Russia, there are long, cold winters there and the summers are very short. This is why a lot of fruit and vegetables are cooked in Russian cuisine to preserve them for the winter, for example with sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers. In general, there is a preference for sour foods in Russia. Sour cream is often used to refine soups or dough products.

Sakuski - cold starters

At a festive meal in Russia, cold starters are first served. This can be sausage, filled dumplings, aspic, pickled fish, filled eggs or salads. In Russian cuisine there are many hearty salads with potatoes, eggs or fish in combination with various types of vegetables. This always includes a lot of mayonnaise as a binding agent.

Favorite dish: soups

Soups and stews are very popular in Russian cuisine. The basis for this are usually sauerkraut, white cabbage, beetroot and pickles. The best-known soups include solyanka and borscht, which actually comes from the Ukraine, but is also often found in Russian cuisine. In Russia bread is eaten with soups. Rye bread made from natural sourdough in particular forms the basis of the diet here.

Delicious things made from dough

Filled dumplings come in different versions in Russian cuisine, boiled and fried. The cooked pelmeni can be eaten in broth or with sour cream. Piroschki are fried or baked in the oven and also served with sour cream. The filling can be different. You can fill them with a mince and onion preparation, quark, potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage or fruit, depending on your taste.

Buckwheat porridge and pancakes

There is also a preference for porridge in Russian cuisine. Buckwheat porridge, kascha, is sweetened and consumed with milk and butter as a breakfast porridge. A salted variant is used as an accompaniment to meat dishes. The Russian pancake blinis are made from buckwheat flour. These can be eaten heartily as a main course or sweetened with fruit pulp and served as a dessert. Caviar is one of the specialties of Russian cuisine and is consumed on public holidays, for example on New Year's Eve. For example on Russian eggs or the blinis.

And in addition ...

In Russia people drink a lot of tea, mostly Indian black tea, which is sweetened with sugar or honey. Russian vodka is not drunk after a meal, but with it.